Voldemort Robbed Himself of All Chances Against Harry Potter With One Dumb Mistake

Voldemort Robbed Himself of All Chances Against Harry Potter With One Dumb Mistake
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Remember when Voldemort had a genius idea to use Harry’s blood for his resurrection? Well, your boy gambled pretty much everything there for no reason.

After having existed in the form of a lonely atom for many years, Lord Voldemort understandably wanted to try and come back to the world of the living as something more significant than your forced exhale when you see a funny meme. For that, of course, he needed a proper physical body, and to acquire one, he needed a ritual.

As the master of Dark Arts, Tom Riddle Jr. went for the good old ritual that involved blood, bones, and grave desecration. The sole purpose of the ritual was to create a new creepy-looking soul vessel for someone who exists with an actual zero body count, but Voldemort, being a mastermind, came up with a genius master plan.

The ritual itself implied that the blood of an enemy was to be used, and it didn’t have any specific requirements for the race, age, and gender of the enemy in question. But Riddle Jr. in his brilliance settled on using a 14-year-old British boy with a wicked scar thinking that it would make him immune to said boy’s touch.

Not only does it sound wrong, but it was also a massive gamble on Voldemort’s part — a gamble that could’ve cost him everything he’d achieved by that point.

The resurrection ritual was a well-documented magical practice for any loser who’d managed to lose their first body. It had clear specifications, incantations, and an inventory list. When it comes to Riddle’s improv with Harry’s blood, things got way trickier as it was a unique experiment based on no research whatsoever.

Voldemort knew that Lily Potter’s blood in her son’s veins made it extremely painful and dangerous for him to even touch the boy: the magical protection was way too strong even for the Dark Lord.

His two (!) previous bodies disintegrated while trying to interact with that blood protection, and what did he decide to do the third time around?

Pump his new body’s veins full of that blood!

You don’t need to be a Flamel’s apprentice to see what could go wrong here. The very obvious result was that Voldemort’s new body would’ve been born in intolerable agony and proceeded to exist for a few brief seconds until it eventually disintegrated just like the two previous ones.

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Even if it didn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to operate efficiently while being constantly excruciated by his own blood. It was such a gamble, and Riddle Jr. had no reason to assume that his plan would succeed: it could’ve backfired so severely!

Wouldn’t it have been a bit easier and safer to use any other British wizard’s blood? Pretty much 90% of Magical Britain considered Voldemort an enemy, and their blood presumably didn’t have the magical properties of an extra spicy KFC basket with the specific intent to murder the glorified psycho terrorist.