Walker Scobell Can't Wait to Put This Percy Jackson Book Scene to Screen

Walker Scobell Can't Wait to Put This Percy Jackson Book Scene to Screen
Image credit: Legion-Media

The main star of the upcoming Disney Plus show is a big fan of book series.

Walker Scobell, who portrays Percy Jackson in the upcoming Disney Plus adaptation of the Rick Riordan series, has one particular scene from the books that he is excited to finally bring to screen.

Scobell, who has read almost every Rick Riordan book even outside the Percy Jackson series, shared with IMDb that he was eager to recreate the fight between Percy and Ares, Greek god of war.

"Definitely it was the Ares fight, that was probably like the coolest fight in the entire series," he said.

It is not a surprising choice for any Percy Jackson fan, really. The fight between Ares and the son of Poseidon was iconic mainly due to the fact that Percy... managed to come out victorious and even make the god of war bleed. In the face-off with Ares, Percy also uses his water powers granted to him by his father, and chances are that the scene — which was confirmed to be a part of the show — will be one of the most impressive.

According to Scobell, the fight with Ares was the first thing that came into his mind when he was cast for the role. His dream will certainly come true now that even Rick Riordan himself, being an exec producer of the show, confirming that the Ares fight will take place in season 1.

The show is still in production, expected to hit small screens at some point in 2024, with the exact premiere date to be specified later. Fans do already have a trailer, though, which provided a first look on Camp Half-blood: the only place where demigods can feel safe.

It's also unclear how many season will there be. According to Riordan, hopes are that the creative team will manage to secure as many season as necessary to properly adapt the book storyline. Ideally, it would be one season per one book.