Walker Scobell Opens Up About Landing 'Percy Jackson' Role

Walker Scobell Opens Up About Landing 'Percy Jackson' Role
Image credit: Legion-Media

The young actor is a massive fan of the Percy Jackson series – both an advantage and a burden in his case.

Walker Scobell, 13, revealed his first reaction when he learned that he landed the titular role in the upcoming series 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'.

"I was really excited, but I was a little bit nervous too. I didn't want to let anybody down, you know?" he told People in an interview. "It's a massive fanbase."

Scobell has seen both movies and read all the books in the Percy Jackson series, so he definitely knows what he's talking about. However, he said that the movie stars, particularly Logan Lerman who portrayed Percy in 'Lightning Thief' and 'Sea of Monsters', have not reached out to him yet.

"I really hope they do. That would be really cool," Scobell said. "I'd like to hear some advice from Logan Lerman. I really liked his Percy Jackson."

In the two movies about the Son of Poseidon, Lerman was joined by Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth (she has already voiced her support for her successor Leah Sava Jeffries ) and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover.

The upcoming TV series will have Scobell as Percy, and Jeffries as Annabeth, joined by Aryan Simhadri as the satyr friend of the demigods. 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' will premiere on Disney Plus at some point in 2023, set to kick off production in June.