Waller-Bridge Out of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' With Donald Glover, But Why Are Fans So Unhappy?

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Don't get us wrong – it's not like Phoebe Waller-Bridge herself was the problem. It's more of the complex set of issues that fans took with the 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' series.

Now that Phoebe-Waller Bridge exited the TV series 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith', 'Pen15' star Maya Erskine is set to join Donald Glover in his controversial project.

Glover, who you may also know as rapper Childish Gambino, broke the news via an interview with himself (yep) for Interview Magazine. Explaining why Waller-Bridge left, he said it was due to "classic creative differences", without diving into the details.

"I still like her. I assume she still likes me," Glover mused when pondering his friendship with Waller-Bridge.

Erskine, according to him, is "dope". According to the fans, however, little about the upcoming project is "dope", with the main reason being Glover and his co-stars – both former co-star Waller-Bridge and current Erskine – lacking the "sex appeal" for the roles of hot secret agents fighting each other.

But it seems that Glover actually never planned his show to be about hot secret agents fighting each other, so if you want that, maybe it's better to rewatch the Pitt-Jolie version.

Many people seem to be sad over Waller-Bridge's departure from the project.

Waller-Bridge, best known for her mega-hit show 'Fleabag', is yet to comment on exiting the Glover project and the "creative differences" the two apparently have faced.

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