Was Stranger Things Foreshadowing Mike Becoming a Vecna Target in S5 All Along?

Was Stranger Things Foreshadowing Mike Becoming a Vecna Target in S5 All Along?
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While it's still unknown what's going to happen in season 5, many fans already believe that Mike Wheeler is in Vecna's crosshairs.

Stranger Things 4 has left both fans and characters in pretty dramatic circumstances, with a massive Upside Down earthquake ripping through Hawkins, and the majority of the characters affected by the endgame villain Vecna.

Max has been left in a coma; Eleven has hardly escaped from Vecna's lair, and Will has assured that Vecna is not going to stop now that he is injured and angered. So who is going to be his next target? According to fans, it's Mike: the one who seems to be the "key" to the Hawkins gang.

It almost looks like Stranger Things was foreshadowing Mike's role all this time. Earlier in the show, Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper had quite an interesting exchange that many fans believe was the series' way of hinting at Mike's future, because "getting to [him] was the key".

But that's not it for foreshadowing.

"It's also interesting how Vecna started his attacks the night before Mike left. Vecna could've started it earlier, but coincidentally excecuted it once Mike (the kid who was the key to saving Will and El) was no longer in Hawkins," Twitter user willpyers noted.

Besides, many fans believe that Mike is vulnerable to Vecna attack because of his drama with El and Will, which the villainous Henry Creel may use against him. Moreover, if "Byler" shippers are to be trusted, Vecna can get to Mike by simply having his suppressed feelings tormenting the teenager.

Still, we will have to wait to know for sure. The fifth chapter is going to conclude the story of Stranger Things, and the writing for the final season is officially underway. The premiere date, however, remains to be scheduled.