Watch Ted Lasso Star Easily Out-Singing Lady Gaga With 'Shallow' Cover

Watch Ted Lasso Star Easily Out-Singing Lady Gaga With 'Shallow' Cover
Image credit: Apple TV+

Is it even possible for Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham to appear together without pulling our emotions in all different directions?


  • Ted Lasso was one of the most popular shows on Apple TV.
  • After three seasons, it came to an end in 2023.
  • Fans love to see the stars of the show back together.
  • Great chemistry between Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham.

Remember how you felt when Ted Lasso came to an end? No? Then clearly you haven’t watched it. Which means your only course of action is to stop what you’re doing right now and go binge all three seasons.

Comedy-drama perfection

For those who have watched the show and are therefore (to a man) fans of it, any chance to see that unique chemistry between Jason Sudeikis (Ted) and Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton) is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

The show was comedy-drama perfection, at once making us laugh and cry – and forever getting us right in the feels, even at moments when we really hadn’t seen it coming.

Performing for charity

So when a video of the show's two stars covering Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga 's Shallow appeared online as part of the THUNDERGONG fundraiser, which helps amputees gain access to prosthetics, fans couldn't wait to get on YouTube and check it out. And just like the show in which Sudeikis and Waddingham performed together, the song was an emotional rollercoaster almost from start to finish.

Watching the performance live, the assembled crowd would have had no idea what they were in for. Sudeikis was on stage with Will Forte when he announced, "There’s nobody I would rather be singing this song with," to a series of 'aahhhs' from the audience.

As the first few bars played and the crowd realised what song the pair were about to launch into, there were cheers. But they didn't know the half of it... yet.

The big reveal

Sudeikis started singing Bradley Cooper's part and, for anyone who hasn't heard him sing, it was pretty damn good. But just as Forte opened his mouth and was about to launch into Lady Gaga's part, a female voice cut in.

Cue the appearance of Hannah Waddingham on stage to huge cheers. Of course, we need no introduction to Waddingham's singing talents. Needless to say, she was superb as she jokingly upstaged Forte and effortlessly matched Lady Gaga.

As she continued to belt out her lyrics, Sudeikis and Forte could be seen talking on stage behind her.

Then came the moment when both a male and a female voice were needed. And sure enough, Sudeikis turned to his Ted Lasso co-star and sang with her. It was perfection and reminded us all why we fell in love with a TV show about an American manager taking over a lowly Premier League club and putting it on the map.

After another stunning duet towards the end of the song, Sudeikis and Waddingham embraced and kissed, once again demonstrating the perfect chemistry between them.

Better than Lady Gaga?

Was Waddingham's performance technically better than Lady Gaga's? Maybe not, but you might put it on a par with the singer who performed the track for the 2018 film A Star is Born.

But was this performance one that took us back to a happy place and, as always, got us right in the feels? Absobloominlutely!