We Were Robbed: Quentin Tarantino Reveals He Could Have Directed James Bond's Casino Royale

We Were Robbed: Quentin Tarantino Reveals He Could Have Directed James Bond's Casino Royale
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Now we can only imagine what would be the movie about James Bond directed by Quentin Tarantino.

In a captivating revelation during his interview with German Zeit Magazine, the legendary Quentin Tarantino dropped a bombshell: he had come dangerously close to directing Casino Royale, the renowned Bond flick that eventually starred Daniel Craig.

Tarantino confessed that he had immersed himself in the gripping pages of the book, recognizing its potential as a remarkable origin story for the iconic James Bond character.

The iconic filmmaker even contemplated making it his next masterpiece after the monumental success of Pulp Fiction.

However, fate had other plans, as the Bond series' producers were locked in a relentless legal tug-of-war over the rights to the coveted novel for several decades.

The thought of what might have been if Tarantino had directed the movie will linger in the minds of cinephiles for a long time.

Oh man, Casino Royale created by Tarantino could have been a completely different movie. Tarantino's signature style in the story about James Bond is a mixture that would result in one great movie.

Just imagine Bond's conversation with Le Chiffre in the best style of Tarantino dialogues, or the nonlinear narrative that unfolds throughout Bond's story. That would be something else.

Fans are even imagining who would play in the movie about Bond directed by Tarantino.

The popular suggestions are Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, Uma Thurman as Vesper Lynd, Leonardo DiCaprio as Le Chiffre and Samuel L. Jackson as Felix Leiter.

During the interview, Tarantino also discussed his childhood and initial experiences in Hollywood, and expressed concern about the future of cinema.

He believes that the type of cinema he grew up with may not exist in five or six years.

Tarantino also feels that Hollywood has changed, rather than himself, and he anticipates outlasting the industry. In his words, "I certainly haven't left Hollywood — Hollywood has left me."

It's early to speculate on Hollywood's downfall, however, it's a shame that the negative trend in Hollywood is so clear, that even big figures such as Tarantino speak out.

Source: Zeit Magazine