Well, That Was Fast: Grey's Anatomy Star Teases Meredith's Return

Well, That Was Fast: Grey's Anatomy Star Teases Meredith's Return
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Meredith Grey has officially left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but just when fans were beginning to accept the departure of the medical drama's iconic lead, a long-term co-star has hinted that this may not be the last time fans see her.

Ellen Pompeo played Meredith for close to 20 years and fans watched her character grow from an emotionally unavailable, dark, and reckless intern to an inspiring female leader and passionate surgeon.

Pompeo made the decision to move on from the show to pursue other opportunities in her career and is currently working on a project with Hulu but is still very connected to Grey's.

Jason George has played Dr. Ben Warren, has been on Grey's Anatomy since season 6 and is now a firefighter in the spinoff series Station 19.

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His years on set have given him plenty of time to get to know his co-stars and Ellen Pompeo is one of them.

George believes that Pompeo's journey is not over and that Meredith Grey will eventually make a return to Grey Sloan Memorial, and his reasoning makes sense.

Although Meredith is no longer a regular character in the series, Pompeo still narrates the episodes and will continue to executive produce the current season as well as possibly make an appearance at the season finale.

Other than that she is not set to return but George believes that there will be surprise appearances in the future by the beloved star.

After all her years playing Meredith, George is not convinced that Pompeo will ever be able to completely leave the character behind.

And since she is on set producing the show, it would be easy for her to appear in an episode or two if she chooses.

Whilst many other Grey's Anatomy characters have been killed off, Meredith's ending was sweet and sincere and leaves room for her character to return to Grey Sloan at any time.

She moved her family to Boston to enroll Zola in a school for gifted children and accept Jackson Avery's offer to work at the foundation and research a cure for Alzheimer's.

Her character is not dead like Andrew DeLuca or Derek Shepherd, nor is she living in Switzerland like Cristina Yang; was that done on purpose to leave the possibility of her return on the table?

So the door is open for Meredith Grey to appear in future Grey's Anatomy episodes, whether it be simply to visit her fellow doctors, to teach a new group of interns, or perhaps to assist in a complicated medical case or surgery.

For now, fans will have to settle for the familiar sound of her voice narrating every episode and hope that Jason George is right about the future returns he has been teasing.