'Westworld': Episode 3's Easter Egg Level Explained By Reddit

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The latest episode of HBO's hit sci-fi show just premiered, and fans were shocked by one unexpected revelation.

Earlier this season, audiences were pleasantly surprised by the debut of a new park, The Golden Age', carefully recreating the feel and taste of Prohibition-era America, filled with saloons with dim lighting, heavy cigar smoke, and mobsters lurking in back alleys. But, as always at 'Westworld', things didn't turn out as expected. In fact, this park was run by robots, not humans, and the hosts gradually replaced powerful humans with their robotic versions. But that wasn't the only secret this amusement park kept.

By the end of episode 3, fans had finally confirmed their biggest theory about this park – it didn't work on two levels like the previous ones, but actually contained another Easter egg one, allowing rich people to relive the Westworld massacre, shown at the end of season 2, in all its original glory. Yes, it seems that the robots decided to celebrate their battle for freedom in this unusual way by allowing guests to kill hosts dressed as Delos employees, while seemingly covering up the original event.

"It makes sense. They covered up the massacre in real life. They probably said it was one of the scripts and was intentional." – /predator_handshake.

And it seems that this revelation has already been noticed by some avid fans in the last episode, citing William's words sad about the company's old days.

"But wasn't it essentially "advertised" in the last scene of episode 2 where "host William" mentions that the new park revisits part of the company's darkest hour?" – /Trottingslug.

However, other fans are still not convinced that this Easter egg level is available to just about everyone, claiming that it was saved as a cruel joke on one prominent freedom fighter.

"I think that part of the game was exclusive to Maeve, no one else would have ever been able to get down there." – /linee001.

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