'Westworld' Season 4: 3 Craziest Reddit Theories So Far

'Westworld' Season 4: 3 Craziest Reddit Theories So Far
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HBO's biggest sci-fi show has just unveiled its latest episode, and fans already suspect there are grand revelations and plot twists ahead.

'Westworld ' season 4 episode 1 surprised fans – seven years have passed since the last installment's events, and the long-awaited war of humans against robots has not yet begun. The character Evan Rachel Wood is in the center of the series again, but this time she plays an entirely different character from Dolores, the rebellious robot killed in the third season. The strange leap in time and the weird change in the narrative made fans a little wary, and several curious theories were immediately born on Reddit.

William is alive

Ed Harris's Man in Black has stood the test of time as one of the scariest villains on television, as his cowboy has killed dozens of innocent robots over the past three seasons. To fans' surprise, the Man in Black turned out to be an older version of William (Jimmy Simpson), and the mysterious cowboy himself turned out to be a host. Yes, it's pretty hard to understand, but William's narrative arc was one of the most fan-favorite of all those shown in the series. Later, when William developed a fierce hatred for all robots, he confronted his own host, who slit his throat, condemning him to death. But the Man in Black version continued to live on, considered a robot rather than a human. However, some people on Reddit believe that there is another Man in Black, and he is more than human...

"I really hope William is alive afterall. I'm ngl, 50% of this show for me is Ed Harris dusting people/robots. And next to real MiB I'd enjoy terminator MiB too. So yeah obv my theory is that he's alive since we see William sitting and bleeding in the trailer. And I guess the host version of him is not the type to sit down bleeding." – /Ghetto2Ghetto_.

Robert Ford will return

Dr. Robert Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, was the main villain of the first season, and this conniving man of science proved to be the perfect antagonist to confront the theme park robots. Although Hopkins was killed off in the first season finale, he returned to his role the next season as Ford's consciousness was distributed among the many robots present in the show.

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After that, Ford completely disappeared from the picture and was never seen or even mentioned in the third season. And now some fans believe that Hopkins' absence is coming to an end, as Ford's master plan, which has been rumored among fans for the past couple of years, should finally become a reality in season four.

"He's no longer a player on the board, but I don't think we've seen the last of him. Perhaps he'll find a way to the valley beyond at the very end, to be reunited with his hosts as old friends." – /skituate.

Everything is a simulation

On a more paradoxical spectrum of theories dwells this strange idea. According to some viewers, everything that fans will see in season four is actually a simulation created by robots after they won the war. Yes, you read that right – a global war did happen, and humans largely lost it, and the robots forced all of them into a simulation similar to the one shown in the movie 'The Matrix '. Although this sounds rather strange, fans have plenty of evidence, from the strange behavior of the characters to the sequel to an original movie titled 'Futureworld', which shows virtually the same situation.

"Does that mean that they are hosts? What if hosts are going to Futureworld (with humans in the role of hosts). I bet the midseason reveal will be that everything we've seen is inside Futureworld—with the outside world being the wasteland that Bernard wakes up in." – /matt111199.