What Happened to Queen Maeve in 'The Boys' Season 3 Finale?

What Happened to Queen Maeve in 'The Boys' Season 3 Finale?
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Guess who's back for some screen time.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys ' episode 8

'The Boys' finale was definitely an extravaganza for the Queen Maeve fans who spent this entire season waiting for their favourite superheroine to take part in the main action finally.

Kidnapped by Homelander in the middle of the season, Maeve finally makes her way out of the Vought tower to team up with Starlight and the Boys. This dream team naturally skirmishes as they figure out their next move because not everyone seems to be on board with the plan that Butcher and Soldier Boy have already forged.

Maeve ends up in a group with the latter, although Starlight, Hughie, and the rest of the Boys don't trail behind for too long.

You would be too naive to think everything goes according to plan. Following several separate clashes between the supes and non-supes, one part of the team tries to capture and gas Soldier Boy. He's not ready to give up that easily, and his PTSD triggers the formation of yet another energy blast.

Meanwhile, Maeve, who's been locking horns with Homelander this entire time and has already lost her eye at his ends, sees that things look really bad for Starlight and the Boys as they are in Soldier Boy's crosshairs.

Maeve pushes Homelander away to make a rare heroic move: grab Soldier Boy and jump from the window to save everyone from the deadly aftermath of his explosion. We can see that she's crying as they are falling from the tower.

After the explosion, one could think that Maeve died. TV channels air some tribute videos to her, but Starlight later comes to visit her at her place, and we can see that the Queen is alive and (relatively) well. However, Soldier Boy did depower her with his energy blast, so her recovery is going to be "slow and painful".

Still, for the first time in the season, Maeve looks happy: not only did she make peace with Starlight, but also her girlfriend Elena is by her side. The two plan to escape the crowd and head to some kind of farm.

Now isn't that a happy ending for Queen Maeve, who ended up actually being a true hero? It's almost like 'The Boys' finally treated one of its characters right.

The eighth and final episode is currently streaming on Prime Video.