What Happens to Max in Season 5? Here's What Sadie Sink Can Tell

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Max Mayfield is perhaps the most vulnerable character in the show, given that she is hardly alive as of the season 4 finale.

The final episodes of 'Stranger Things 4' have left fans all anxious about the fate of Max Mayfield, who volunteered to be bait for Vecna but ended up actually becoming his prey.

It is currently unknown whether Max is even fully alive. Eleven managed to save her physical body from death, but she is in a coma, and El is unable to mentally connect to her. This makes things as uncertain as they can be, with fans preparing for the worst.

But they are not the only ones to be left in the dark about Max's future. It turns out that Sadie Sink, who portrays the red-headed Kate Bush fan, knows just as much as fans now do.

"I have no idea what's coming in five and what that looks like," Sink told Deadline. "Max's storyline is very up in the air, 'cause obviously she's in a coma and Eleven can't find her in the void. So who knows where she is and what state she's in."

She revealed that the script for episode 9 literally said "Max dies", but the Duffer brothers clarified on the podcast Happy Sad Confused that Max was alive, albeit "brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken."

Fans were so devastated by that news that numerous Twitter threads surfaced almost immediately, desperately grasping at straws and analyzing all the reasons why Max is actually going to be okay in season 5 – despite what the Duffer brothers would say on the matter. Case in point:

"Her eyes are open when she is dying & she says she can't feel, but after el revived her & she's in the hospital, her eyes are closed. She was able to feel again enough to close her eyes. It's progress in 2 days. Max Mayfield will get better." – @lovelikelumax.

Sink is not sure when the production for season five starts, saying that the Duffer brothers are very "secretive" about the upcoming final season.

"They wanna make the best final season that they could possibly make," the actress noted.

David Harbour, who portrays Jim Hopper in the series, earlier said that filming might start in 2023. Currently, little is known about season 5, with the Duffer brothers only revealing that it will be entirely set in Hawkins.

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