What Happens to Starlight in 'Herogasm'?

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You definitely were not ready for it.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 6

'Herogasm' had fans both excited and scared, and now that it premiered on Prime Video, the buzz is real. Even though many people though that the episode turned out to be quite tame, there were still a couple of jaw-dropping things, and one of them was how Starlight finalized 'Herogasm'.

It's not what you thought, though. In the end of the episode, Starlight goes on IG live to deliver an important announcement: her name is Annie January, and she "f**king quits".

Yes, technically, Starlight is no longer Starlight, as she effectively stepped down as a superhero, renouncing The Seven.

Annie also exposed Vaught and its superheroes for the frauds they committed, particularly revealing that Soldier Boy caused an explosion that killed 19 people. She also goes on to say that something terrible happened to Queen Maeve – who, according to the previous episode, was taken to Malibu by Homelander.

It's unclear how she plans to further take on Homelander – or, most importantly, how she plans to protect herself after he inevitably goes unhinged following her explosive speech.

'The Boys' will return next Friday to let us know how things work out, with the finale to drop on July 8.

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