What If Jensen Ackles' Two Most Unhinged Characters Were to Fight & Who Would Win?

What If Jensen Ackles' Two Most Unhinged Characters Were to Fight & Who Would Win?
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Soldier Boy vs. Demon Dean? Take our money.


  • Jensen Ackles portrayed Dean Winchester on Supernatural, with his character having many ups and downs, including almost being turned into a Knight of Hell
  • His The Boys character, Soldier Boy, is also far away from the concept of a knight in shining armor
  • Now, Redditors are guessing who would've won in a hypothetical duel between the two characters

Now that rumor has it Supernatural might return with a sixteenth season no one asked for, and now that we're all waiting for Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy to also return in The Boys, why not let our imagination run free?

That's exactly what Redditors thought when they started brainstorming on the chances the two most unhinged characters portrayed by Jensen Ackles have against each other. Let's see what they had to say.

Does Deanmon Have a Chance Against Soldier Boy?

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At first, there's little chance for Supernatural and The Boys universes to ever collide in any potential way: at least not until Eric Kripke, who is the creator of both series, decides to veer into the multiverse.

However, if the two were to somehow lock horns, the first thought is that Demon Dean has no chance against someone as powerful as Soldier Boy.

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As we remember, the latter is capable of producing nuclear blasts that are dangerous even for Homelander. Can Dean Winchester, albeit in a demonic form, even stand against such power?

Well, it's also important to remember that Demon Dean had a Mark of Cain in season 10 of Supernatural, and he was also a Knight of Hell. Technically, he couldn't die, and that is quite a battle advantage.

"Soldier Boy has those weird depowering energy blasts; I don't think they'd work on Demon Dean but I can't imagine they'd feel good either. On the flip side, Demon Dean doesn't really have a good way to kill Soldier Boy either. He isn't as strong and doesn't have a way to overcome his regeneration," said Redditor Korrocks.

Someone suggested that Demon Dean could basically "smoke out" of his vessel and... possess Soldier Boy (now that's one recipe for an apocalypse!). However, we never saw Demon Dean trying to leave his body in Supernatural; there's a possibility he didn't have an ability to do that, not least due to the Mark of Cain.

Some people still root for Demon Dean, though, even though everyone on the subreddit admits that would be a very, very tough fight.

"Demon Dean presumably has powerful demon powers like telekinesis which could be used to overpower and contain soldier boy. If anything's going to kill soldier boy, I'd imagine the first blade with the mark of Cain could do it, so I give the win to demon Dean, largely because magic powers," Redditor JohnGeary1 suggested.

However, there's a general sentiment between users that Demon Dean and Soldier Boy are just too similar to have something to fight over. They are both complete jerks; they love to disobey, and they couldn't care less about the harm they inflict on others.

This is why Redditors came to a conclusion these two would likely become drinking buddies rather than enemies. However, if they decided to conquer the world, then we doubt either Sam Winchester or Billy Butcher would have been able to stop them.

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