What Taika Waititi's Mystery 'Star Wars' Film Might Be About, According to Reddit

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It looks like Disney intends to put Taika Waititi behind its most popular properties: the 'Thor 4' director has announced that he will helm the upcoming 'Star Wars' mystery project.

Taika Waititi is certainly a maverick director, with his prolific output ranging from indie comedies like 'What We Do in the Shadows' to colossal blockbusters like the upcoming MCU film 'Thor: Love and Thunder'. Waititi do has his share of critics, but his creative sense of humor certainly puts a spin on everything he touches. So, while the official synopsis for his 'Star Wars' project hasn't been released yet, people on Reddit have decided to guess what it will be about.

Here are 3 of the most popular ideas about what to expect from Waititi in Star Wars universe:

All about Droids

Some fans have suggested a rather curious idea for the movie – making robots the main characters. These could be fan-favorite R2-D2 or BB-8, or they could be completely new ones, perhaps even joining the famous Tatooine or intergalactic races. The prospect of seeing droids in the spotlight in 'Star Wars' is certainly great, and what other director but Waititi could really make it work?

Working on the Death Star

Another great idea is a workplace comedy on the Death Star. Showing the lives and problems of ordinary Empire employees just trying to get through the day while working on the biggest weapon ever made seems weird enough to really work. Sounds like a perfect fit for Waititi's uncanny sense of comedy, don't you think? This project could also add some substance to the already existing 'Star Wars' universe by allowing ordinary people to finally tell their stories.

Jedi Rabbit

This one is a bit of a joke. One redditor decided to poke fun at Waititi's previous directorial work, and his idea was hilarious enough to make people want to screen it. By borrowing the entire synopsis from 'Jojo Rabbit' the fan was able to add a unique 'Star Wars' twist to it. Disney probably won't let the director remake his own movie in a galaxy far, far away, but who would mind seeing Waititi as Emperor Palpatine?

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