What’s The Big Bang Theory’s Penny Been Up To Lately?

What’s The Big Bang Theory’s Penny Been Up To Lately?
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Let’s knock three times and find out.

The Big Bang Theory is a comfort comedy series for millions of viewers all over the world. The amazing ensemble cast includes Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and many other brilliant actors, who brought to life so many funny and quirky characters.

The show has been on the air since 2007 and lasted for 12 seasons, wrapping it all up in 2019 when Jim Parsons made it clear that he had no desire to remain on the show. But from all the cast members, it's only him who we know that has been busy in a similar project. Yes, we are talking about Young Sheldon, of course.

But what’s about the rest of the cast? For example, what’s new in Kaley Cuoco’s life after she finished working on The Big Bang Theory? Well, the actress soon joined the DC Universe to voice the titular character of the animated Harley Quinn series in 2019 and also serves as executive producer in the project.

But her production experience doesn't end there. Two years before TBBT ended, the actress founded Yes, Norman Productions, a TV production company that started with an adaptation of Chris Bohjalian's The Flight Attendant in 2020. Which, by the way, has her as the leading character named Cassie Bowden.

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The Flight Attendant

A year later, it was announced that Cuoco would star in and executive produce a limited series, Doris Day: Her Own Story. In 2023, she became the star of a new TV series called Based on a True Story. But through it all, fans of the actress can't forget the 2002 comedy called 8 Simple Rules and how amazing she was in it.

“She's amazing, she was great in 8 Simple Rules and Flight Attendant was great. I am excited to see her new show Based on a True Story. I like to think that she's really been the same person in all 3 shows. Bridget tries to become an actress, then meets the guys, later on becomes a flight attendant and accidentally gets mixed up in a murder. The new show looks like a continuation of the story line but I can't wait to see it,” Redditor K-C_Racing14 said.

So we see that the actress has been quite busy with work, but her personal life is also starting to take off.

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After revealing that she was in a relationship with Tom Pelphrey, Cuoco announced in October 2022 that the couple were expecting their first child together, and in March of the following year, their daughter Matilda was born, making the family extremely happy.