When We Will See MCU's Illuminati Again? Here's What Producer Says

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It looks like the MCU will have a super-powered roster of characters at some point in the future again, but will they be the same?

One of the best ideas 'Multiverse of Madness' added to the MCU is undoubtedly the Illuminati, a collection of the brightest minds tasked with protecting their respected universes. In the movie, fans were excited to see the Illuminati lineup from another version of Earth, consisting of Mr. Fantastic, Baron Mordo, Captain Marvel, Captain Cater, Black Bolt and Chares Xavier. Not a bad lineup, was it? Too bad they were all mercilessly murdered by the Scarlet Witch, completely destroying the chances of seeing them again in future movies or series. But is that really so?

The fact is that Wanda killed the multiverse's Illuminati, not Earth-616 ones, where all the MCU action takes place. Thus, it's plausible to assume that the mainstream version of the Marvel Universe will accept a similar team of defenders at some point. And it seems that producer Richie Palmer partially confirms this assumption.

"The Illuminati's been a group we've wanted to introduce in our movies for years. They're a secret organization that works off the grid. They do the things that the other groups like the Avengers wouldn't be too happy about… To do it in an alternate universe in the Multiverse, was a really exciting thing because we get to meet a version of this group in this other universe, and then we still might get to see an Illuminati of our main MCU one day, which is also very exciting," Palmer said to The Direct.

But it seems that despite this encouraging news, fans are still not ready to forgive the 'Multiverse of Madness' creative team, accusing them of wasting the Illuminati.

"And he downplayed them all, they all shouldn’t have lost to Wanda like that, if anyone rewatched the scene all of them wait for one to finish fighting and then finally jump in. The way the scene was cut made it seem like they were just standing there waiting for some reason." – @_marcusturner_.

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