Where Is Desperate Housewives’ Susan Mayer Now?

Where Is Desperate Housewives’ Susan Mayer Now?
Image credit: ABC, CBS

Teri Hatcher is still in the game!

12 years ago, the world saw the last episode of ABC’s iconic dramedy series, the mysterious Desperate Housewives, which concluded after 8 seasons and made big stars of its actors. The main show’s housewife was obviously Susan Mayer, the notoriously clumsy “girl next door”, always ending up in trouble and, of course, in love.

However, since 2012 there has been little news regarding the Susan actress, Teri Hatcher, who has really laid low since the finale of Desperate Housewives. In fact, Hatcher did participate in a number of the titles that truly deserve our attention.

Not Just Desperate Housewives

Her first recurring live-action role since DH was the one in the sitcom The Odd Couple (2015 - 2017), where she played Charlotte, a love interest of Matthew Perry ’s Oscar. This series continued the trend of her career, as her character, a single mother in her 40s, was really reminiscent of Susan Mayer there.

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The Odd Couple

Later, Hatcher starred in the second season of Supergirl (2017) as the mother of Mon-El, the prince of Daxam and Earth’s superhero. This role was not only a big step aside from Susan Mayer, but also a clever call back to Hatcher’s iconic role of Lois Lane, the love interest of Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 - 1997).

Desperate Housewives Reunion

To the fans’ happiness, the other projects let the actress reconcile with her DH co-star James Denton, who portrayed her onscreen husband Mike Delfino. Together they starred in the Hallmark’s 2021 holiday film A Kiss Before Christmas and appeared in one episode of the Fantasy Island show in 2023.

Another one of Hatcher's recent movies, titled Mid-Love Crisis (2022), has her believably playing a divorced teacher facing an inner crisis on the week of her 50th birthday.

The actress also voiced Dottie in the spinoff films of Pixar’s Cars titled Planes (2013) and Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014). Apart from that, she developed a love for cooking and started hosting her own YouTube channel, where she shared recipes and culinary hacks.

Overall, there is no doubt that Hatcher hasn’t participated in a project of such magnitude as Desperate Housewives since its wrapping, but let’s hope we’ll see our favorite Susan actress in other big movies and TV shows again very soon.