Where To Watch 'Fallout' Series?

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The hotly anticipated video game adaptation is currently being filmed, but many still don't know at what platform they will be able to watch this blockbuster series.

Bethesda Studios' best-selling postapocalyptic franchise has long been considered one of the most elaborate and atmospheric video games, and its extensive setting and diverse cast of characters have allowed the game studio to create the best possible experience for retrofuturism fans. Plans to adapt a series of games for silver screens have been in the air since the first game was released in 1997, but it wasn't until the summer of 2020 that the long-awaited confirmation finally arrived – Amazon would produce and release the 'Fallout' series.

'Westworld' creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will produce the series, and if the upcoming show will possess the mysterious yet sophisticated atmosphere similar to their sci-fi series, 'Fallout' fans would be rightfully grateful to the superstar duo. Filming has already begun, and with actors like Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan confirmed to lead the series, it's safe to say that Amazon Prime has decided to use its best actors to please video game fans.

And fans are indeed pleased, of course, but still discuss the whole affair with some apprehension, remembering how badly Hollywood treats video games. But it seems that people are certainly excited that their favorite video game franchise will finally appear on their home screens, urging Joy and Nolan not to hold back with the 'Fallout' series.

"I don't want to see them holding back. I don't want them holding back when it comes to things like gore and humour especially. I don't want them to "Disney-fy" it. I don't want them to sterilize it for the sake of ratings or to appeal to a wider audience. I want it to be an adult-oriented show about the post-Apocalypse." – /alex1596.

You will be able to watch 'Fallout' on Amazon Prime streaming platform, with late 2023 release date being frequently mentioned.

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