Where’s Yellowstone's Beth Now?

Where’s Yellowstone's Beth Now?
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The scandalous character we love to hate.

All the Yellowstone fans are waiting now until the last part of the final season of today’s most popular western series is finally out. There have been so many speculations on whatever is going to happen to the series regulars and what fate will face the infamous ranch.

For example, fans have been predicting the fall of the Dutton family headmaster, not only because it seems like a right thing to go with, but also because we know Kevin Costner will not be the part of the last episodes.

But rumor has it that Beth Dutton will be there, portrayed still by Kelly Reilly. The actress has been playing the part of Beth since the show premiered in 2018 and since then became the only character that awakens all sorts of emotions in fans, being this unstable master manipulator slash still lovable girlboss.

Kelly Reilly Before Yellowstone

Before joining Yellowstone cast though Reilly was already in several TV projects. She first appeared on screen in 1995 on the series The Biz. Then she had a starring role in British crime thriller Above Suspicion, which aired for three years from 2009 to 2012.

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Above Suspicion

She later became a part of American TV, joining the cast of psychological medical drama Black Box in 2014 and an anthology crime drama True Detective in 2015.

She also had a quite impressive filmography, which started with 2000’s English comedy Maybe Baby. She went on to have a supporting role in the romantic drama Pride & Prejudice in 2005 and then landed a leading role in horror called Eden Lake in 2008.

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Eden Lake

She also appeared in two Sherlock movies in 2009 and 2011, and then next year landed a leading role in a movie called Flight, where she starred with Denzel Washington.

After she became a part of hit series Yellowstone, her fame skyrocketed once again. Over the years she hit big screens with movies like The Cursed And Promises, both premiered in 2021. Then she played the main part in the 2023 movie A Haunting in Venice, which the fans just loved.

“I enjoyed the movie a lot. The cinematography was beautiful. Kelly did an amazing job of showing Rowena’s grief over the death of her daughter. Even after the reveal, I felt bad for her. I thought the whole cast did great, but Kelly (of course), Camille Cottin, and Jude Hill were the standouts,” Redditor Jalynt13 said.

What Does the Future Hold For Reilly After Yellowstone?

A new movie with Reilly was released in 2024 and is called Little Wing. She plays the role of a mother whose daughter is on a rough patch. It’s now available to stream on Paramount+.

But what’s even more interesting is the rumor that was out there about a possible spinoff of Yellowstone, based entirely on Beth and Rip. And it was Rip actor Cole Hauser who teased the possibility of that happening soon in an interview with Country Living, even though he didn’t really give any details. Neither is there an official confirmation from Taylor Sheridan.

While we don’t have the answer of how true that is, the fans are already excited that there’s at least conversations about it. Until then, you can rewatch Yellowstone on Peacock.

Source: Country Living