Which 5 Classic Christopher Nolan Movies Are Hitting the Theaters Again?

Which 5 Classic Christopher Nolan Movies Are Hitting the Theaters Again?
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

Everyone knows it’s only truly Nolan if it’s in IMAX. Now is your chance to watch the director’s five golden classics in theaters for just $5 per ticket. Which ones, though?

As part of Regal Forever Favorites, Regal Cinemas launched a special treat for Christopher Nolan fans: this month, the director’s five best movies will re-enter the theaters, and the tickets will only cost $5.

If you didn’t make it to the big screen at these gems on their original release or were too young back then, now is your chance to appreciate the director’s five golden classics the way Nolan intended.

5. Insomnia (2002)

To uncover a deep murderous conspiracy, one would need a sharp and astute mind; but what if it’s hopelessly declining? Two homicide detectives are sent into a northern town where the sun never sets to investigate local teens murders, but one of them gets killed shortly after, and the other one is suffering from severe insomnia. Can he unravel the mystery without his partner — or a properly functioning mind?

4. The Dark Knight (2008)

Gotham City has never been a safe place to raise one’s children, but after decades of criminal reign, the streets are finally clearing out. The new DA Harvey Dent is eager to secure his native city, and Batman is there to help. But just when things are starting to look better, a new prominent villain arises: an utterly deranged person who calls himself Joker and holds no regard for human lives in his quest for chaos.

3. Inception ( 2010)

With the new technological advancements, the human mind becomes less of a mystery with each passing year. The dream-sharing tech is the new big thing, and a professional corporate secret thief thrives on it, extracting the required information from his targets’ dreams. But when he’s tasked with planting an idea into a powerful CEO’s head, his own past starts to haunt him, endangering the mission.

2. Interstellar (2014)

In their quest of turning a profit, humankind neglects the world it lives in. In the near future, the massive crisis back on Earth can’t be resolved anymore, and our kind needs a new planet to inhabit. A small team is sent through a wormhole to a galaxy far, far away (no, not that one), tasked to secure humanity's survival by finding a brave new world. The entire human species’ future relies on this mission.

1. Dunkirk (2017)

The biggest and most inhumane armed conflict in history, World War II claimed thousands of lives every minute. In some operations, hundreds of thousands of soldiers died or were incapacitated — but Dunkirk was different. It was a story of a miraculous rescue when over 300,000 Allied troops were saved from a German death trap that threatened to maul them all into the ground.