Which Brooklyn 9-9 Character Matches Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Which Brooklyn 9-9 Character Matches Your Myers-Briggs Type?
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It's time to revisit those loveable dorks of 99th Precinct.

Just imagine we're sorting everyone into their perfect sitcom squad spots based on personality alone.

1. ISTJ (The Inspector) – Raymond Holt

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Captain Raymond Holt is the embodiment of the ISTJ personality type, known as 'The Inspector.' ISTJs are logical, organized, and they thrive in leadership roles where tradition and rules are respected – Captain Holt in a nutshell. Across the series, we see his unwavering commitment to the book. Remember the Halloween heist episodes? They're a masterclass in Holt's meticulous nature. He plans with such precision that even when it seems he's lost, there's often a twist showing it was part of his scheme. His day-to-day is no less structured. He keeps the 99th precinct ticking like clockwork, even when it drives everyone a little nuts.

2. ISFJ (The Defender) – Terry Jeffords

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Sergeant Terry Jeffords is a protector, just like those with the ISFJ personality type. ISFJs are nurturing and reliable, much like Terry, who's often seen as the team's big brother. He's the go-to guy for a pep talk or to defuse the tension with his gentle demeanor and understanding nature. Terry's protective instincts go beyond the precinct. We see this in episodes where his family is involved, such as when he's stopped by a cop in his own neighborhood and decides to take a stand against racial profiling, or when he's juggling his twin daughters' needs with his job.

3. INFJ (The Advocate) – Amy Santiago

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Amy Santiago is a textbook INFJ, known as 'The Advocate.' INFJs are idealistic, organized, and driven by values, aiming for harmony. Amy's journey in the precinct sees her striving for perfection and trying to please her superiors while adhering to her strong moral compass. When the precinct competes in the Jimmy Jab Games, Amy's competitive side shines through, but she still plays fair. Her drive to improve things is seen when she tackles the precinct's outdated filing system or her initiative to mentor at-risk youth, showing her commitment to community and personal values.

4. INTJ (The Architect) – Kevin Cozner

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Kevin Cozner, Captain Holt's husband, might not be a cop, but he's an INTJ through and through, fitting the 'The Architect' mold. INTJs are strategic and love complex problems. Though he doesn't appear in every episode, his moments are significant. A classic Kevin storyline involves him solving some intricate problem or engaging in a battle of wits. He's always two steps ahead, much like when he aids in the operation to outsmart Holt's nemesis, Madeline Wuntch. Kevin's personality shines in moments where his calculated and intellectual approach to problems, a trait of true INTJ, is highlighted.

5. ISTP (The Virtuoso) – Rosa Diaz

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Detective Rosa Diaz is the quintessential ISTP, "The Virtuoso." ISTPs are known for their practicality and reserved nature, coupled with an affinity for physical, hands-on activities. Rosa is the tough, no-nonsense member of the squad who can kick down doors and take names with barely a change in her expression. Rosa's personal life is a fortress of privacy, but when it comes to getting things done, she's always at the front line.

6. ISFP (The Adventurer) – Adrian Pimento

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Adrian Pimento is the show's wild card, an ISFP or "The Adventurer" in Myers-Briggs terminology. ISFPs are spontaneous, enjoy personal freedom, and act on impulse, which is Pimento to a T. After spending years undercover, Pimento's return to normal life is fraught with adjustment issues, which we see through his unpredictable behavior and extreme emotional reactions. Like a true ISFP, Pimento is often chaotic and intense, like when he suddenly decides to marry Rosa or when he's convinced someone from his past is out to kill him, leading to a series of impulsive actions that throw the precinct into disarray.

7. INFP (The Mediator) – Gina Linetti

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Gina Linetti, the precinct's civilian administrator, is the epitome of an INFP, "The Mediator." INFPs are creative, individualistic, and follow their own unique rhythm in life. Gina's plotlines often center around her unconventional approach to her job and life. Her antics, like dancing in the evidence room or hosting a silent disco, are all reflections of her creative and non-conformist nature. Despite her apparent disinterest in work, she often provides insight that helps solve cases, reflecting an INFP's ability to see unusual patterns and solutions.

8. INTP (The Logician) – Norm Scully

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Norm Scully might seem like a simple guy, but he's an INTP, "The Logician." INTPs are abstract thinkers and are often more interested in ideas than social interaction. Scully's presence in the precinct is somewhat of an enigma; he's often seen doing things that seem trivial or downright odd. But there's a storyline where his ability to recall trivial facts ends up saving the day during a citywide blackout. His partnership with Hitchcock often showcases his analytical thinking, albeit in less conventional ways, like the time they managed to win the Jimmy Jab Games through sheer strategic laziness.

9. ESTP (The Entrepreneur) – Doug Judy

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Doug Judy, aka the Pontiac Bandit, embodies the ESTP personality, "The Entrepreneur." ESTPs are adaptable, persuasive, and love a bit of risk. Judy's recurring appearances are full of charm and deceit, as he outsmarts and sometimes aligns with Jake and the precinct. His plotlines are thrilling – heists where he somehow always ends up on top, smooth escapes, and an odd-yet-endearing friendship with Jake. Judy's ability to adapt and turn any situation to his advantage is classic ESTP, whether it's negotiating with criminals or crooning smooth jazz.

10. ESFP (The Entertainer) – Charles Boyle

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Detective Charles Boyle is the perfect ESFP, "The Entertainer." He's sociable, enthusiastic, and loves to be in the limelight – albeit not always successfully. Boyle's passion for food, his obsession with Jake's approval, and his heartfelt, if not overly dramatic, love life, all paint the colorful picture of an ESFP. He's the kind of guy who throws himself a "Boyle-o-ween" birthday bash and revels in the precinct's Thanksgiving festivities with gusto.

11. ENFP (The Campaigner) – Jake Peralta

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Jake Peralta is the epitome of an ENFP, "The Campaigner." ENFPs are warm, imaginative, and see life brimming with possibilities, which is Jake in a nutshell. From his dreams of being the best detective to his spontaneous and often ill-thought-out schemes, Jake's plotlines are central to the series. One moment, he's launching a full-scale investigation into a series of pizza delivery thefts; the next, he's trying to win an evidence room Halloween heist using a complex, convoluted plan that only a true ENFP could devise.

12. ENTP (The Debater) – Madeline Wuntch

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Madeline Wuntch, with her sharp wit and endless rivalry with Captain Holt, is a classic ENTP, "The Debater." ENTPs love mental sparring and challenging others, and Wuntch thrived on her intellectual battles with Holt. Whether it's trying to take down the Nine-Nine or one-upping Holt with her promotion, Wuntch's moves are calculated and clever, though they're often undercut with hilarious banter and petty insults that showcase the ENTP's love for a verbal joust.

13. ESTJ (The Executive) – Seth Dozerman

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Captain Seth Dozerman, played by the unforgettable Bill Hader, was a brief yet memorable ESTJ, "The Executive," in the Nine-Nine's universe. ESTJs are recognized for their love of order and tradition, and Dozerman's stint as captain showcased that in spades. His story was filled with his attempts to streamline precinct operations, often leading to comedic situations due to his intense, productivity-obsessed demeanor.

14. ESFJ (The Consul) – C.J.

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C.J. is the lovable and a tad clueless ESFJ, "The Consul," known for their popularity and conscientiousness. An ESFJ's strong sense of duty can sometimes go awry, and that's C.J. in a nutshell. He means well and tries to be a good leader but often falls short due to his lack of critical thinking. C.J.'s desire to maintain harmony often leads to hilariously awkward situations that the squad must navigate without hurting his feelings.

15. ENFJ (The Protagonist) – Marcus

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Marcus, played by Nick Cannon, is Rosa's romantic interest for a while and is a textbook ENFJ, "The Protagonist." Charismatic and inspiring, ENFJs are connectors of people, which Marcus showcases through his relationships within the precinct. His romance with Rosa evolves through genuine connection and understanding. Marcus's storylines tend to center around helping others, like when he tries to mend the relationship between Rosa and his uncle, Captain Holt. He's often seen encouraging and supporting those around him, reflecting the typical ENFJ trait of uplifting others.

16. ENTJ (The Commander) – Bob Annderson

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Bob Annderson is the formidable ENTJ, "The Commander." He's a former partner of Captain Holt and embodies the ENTJ's bold and strong-willed nature. His appearances in the show are shrouded in a thrilling air of mystery and leadership. Bob's commanding presence and strategic thinking make him a force to be reckoned with.