Which Famous TV Actor Will Appear In The MCU This Year? Here's What Reddit Thinks

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According to recent rumors, one prominent TV actor or actress may be joining the MCU in the coming months, and fans can't wait to find out who that might be.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a truly iconic cinematic institution, with dozens of film professionals working on it behind or in front of the camera. This year alone, Marvel Studios welcomed Christian Bale, John Krasinski and Charlize Theron into its superhero family, and given the endless list of villains and heroes from the original comic books, more and more talented celebrities will continue to join the franchise. And it looks like another great casting choice will be announced sooner than expected.

A prominent industry insider recently revealed an interesting scoop that an actor from a very popular series will be making their MCU debut this year, providing several clues, including that the actor is not from 'Stranger Things' and was not nominated for an Oscar, but recently won another major award.

"Just got word that an actor who’s in a VERY popular show will be making their MCU debut very soon…" – @bigscreenleaks.

Fans on Reddit quickly began discussing who this mystery individual could be, with opinions divided quite sharply. But it seems that fans already have a suitable candidate – the prolific comedian Jason Sudeikis of 'Ted Lasso' fame.

"In another tweet he said the actor recently won a big award for the show. Based on that the only name I can think of is Jason Sudeikis. Ted Lasso is a popular show and Sudeikis won an Emmy for it last year. In a later tweet he said the project is soon enough that he can't say anything. So it could be for Thor." – /kumquat_juice1.

And it looks like the fandom has already decided on who he can play, with Reed Richards being the favorite choice. Yes, some believe that John Krasinski's Richards, shown in 'Doctor Strange 2', was only a variant, and Sudeikis will be the original MCU Mister Fantastic.

"John Krasinski playing a variant of a character played by Jason Sudeikis on Earth 616 was not on my bingo card, but if it were to happen, I would 100% take it lol. Big fan of Sudeikis," – /YowieWowie789.

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