Which Grey’s Anatomy Star Will Not Be Back for S20?

Which Grey’s Anatomy Star Will Not Be Back for S20?
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Grey Sloan Memorial just lost another doctor.


  • Grey's Anatomy is an ABC medical procedural drama that has been on the air since 2004.
  • The show will return with its 20th anniversary season on March 14.
  • However, not all of the Seattle residents will be returning to viewers' screens, as Kelly McCreary left the show after season 19.

No matter how brilliant Shondaland's writing is, Grey's Anatomy wouldn't be the show it is today if it weren't for the cast that made such an impact in the 2000s. The original MAGIC group of interns set the bar for all the other actors who have joined the show over the years. The only downside is that the better the character, the sadder it is to say goodbye.

Knowing Shonda Rhimes' penchant for dramatic departures and character deaths, every time someone leaves Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital happy and healthy is an occasion worth celebrating. Still, it's hard not to feel sad when you look back on all the years you spent with these characters.

On Thursday, March 14, Grey's Anatomy will return for its 20th season. But not everyone will be there to welcome viewers back. Here's why Kelly McCreary decided to leave the longest-running medical procedural after season 19.

Why Did Kelly McCreary Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

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Though the departure of an actor who has been with the show as long as Kelly McCreary has been on Grey's Anatomy tends to send viewers' minds to a dark place, the reason for this departure is quite simple. Maggie had just reached the pinnacle of her development at Grey Sloan Memorial, and it was time to say goodbye.

The actress got candid in her farewell piece for Shondaland, explaining the thought process she went through to make the decision to leave the show.

“It was the question of whether it was time for her to move on, having gotten what she needed from her personal exploration, having gotten what she needed from growth. I thought, “I wonder if this is the moment for her to ask a new question.” So, I went to the team with it, and we agreed it would be a good time for Maggie to go,”she said.

Maggie Pierce won’t be the onl character that the viewers will have to learn to live without. Starting season 20, Grey’s Anatomy’s titular character, Meredith Grey, will step away from the show and remain only in a recurring role.

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Hopefully, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will still be able to function, since there is still a whole bunch of learning interns to cater to. Supported by some new characters and some surprising returns, the 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy will have to perform better than ever to convince its viewers to stay.

To catch Grey’s Anatomy season 20 premiere episode and make up your own mind on whether the show has any chances to survive still, tune in to ABC on Thursday, March 14. Keep an eye out to never miss any more news and behind-the-scenes updates.

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