Which The Simpsons Character Matches Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Which The Simpsons Character Matches Your Myers-Briggs Type?
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1. ISTJ (The Inspector) – Ned Flanders

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Ned Flanders, Springfield's resident good Samaritan and the quintessence of an ISTJ, is a character who thrives on order and tradition. Ever noticed how Ned's the first to roll out his well-maintained lawn mower every Sunday? Or how his perfect Christmas lights display goes up like clockwork each December 1st? That's your ISTJ's love for routine shining through.

In the episode "Hurricane Neddy," when a hurricane destroys his home, Ned's world is thrown into chaos – a true test for any ISTJ. Despite his dutiful nature, the community 's shoddy attempt to rebuild his house pushes Flanders to the brink, revealing that even the most composed ISTJ has their limits when order crumbles.

2. ISFJ (The Protector) – Marge Simpson

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Marge Simpson is the epitome of an ISFJ, always there to soothe a burn with a kiss or mend a ripped pair of jeans. Remember the episode "Marge Be Not Proud," where Bart is caught shoplifting? Marge's world is rocked, but her innate nurturer kicks in. She doesn't chastise with the ferocity of a lioness but rather with the disappointment of a mother whose sole desire is to see her child choose the right path.

In "The Way We Weren't," we witness a flashback of a young Marge, devoted as ever, embodying the ISFJ's commitment to loved ones as she maintains a pen pal relationship, showcasing her supportive nature well before her hair reached its iconic height.

3. INFJ (The Counselor) – Lisa Simpson

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Lisa Simpson, the soulful INFJ of the family, is always on a quest for harmony and meaning, whether she's championing the rights of Springfield's smallest creatures or mastering the saxophone. "Lisa's Wedding" projects us into the future, where Lisa's idealism is met with the reality of romance and relationships. She grapples with her values when faced with a fiancé whose feet are firmly planted in practicality, highlighting the INFJ's struggle for depth and understanding.

In "Lisa the Vegetarian," she doesn't just decide to stop eating meat; she launches a one-girl campaign that's about more than diet – it's about ethics, environment, and empathy, reflecting the INFJ's vision for a better world.

4. INTJ (The Mastermind) – Mr. Burns

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Charles Montgomery Burns, Springfield's malevolent INTJ, could orchestrate a scheme to block out the sun with strategic precision. Just look at the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" where Burns's Machiavellian plan to monopolize Springfield's energy underscores the INTJ's ambitious, if not sinister, blueprint for success.

Yet, in "Rosebud," we glimpse into the soft core of the otherwise hard-shelled INTJ, as Burns yearns for his beloved childhood teddy bear, Bobo. This pursuit, albeit tinged with his usual scheming, shows an INTJ's unexpected sentimentality, their capacity for deep, albeit often hidden, affections.

5. ISTP (The Craftsman) – The Comic Book Guy

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Jeff Albertson, better known as the Comic Book Guy, is the definitive ISTP – a solitary, observant, and practical man of few words (unless those words are critiques). ISTPs are known for their analytical prowess and love of efficiency, something that Comic Book Guy demonstrates in spades. In the episode "Worst Episode Ever," Comic Book Guy experiences a health scare, which leads to Bart and Milhouse taking over the Android's Dungeon. His return is not with a grandiose gesture but with a calculated and understated efficiency, reorganizing his beloved store without missing a beat, showcasing the ISTP's knack for practical skills and direct problem-solving.

6. ISFP (The Composer) – Otto Mann

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Otto Mann, the laid-back, rock-loving school bus driver, is Springfield's poster boy for the ISFP personality. Adventurous and artistic, Otto lives for the present moment. ISFPs, like Otto, possess a spontaneous energy that makes them seem like they're dancing to the beat of life's soundtrack. In "The Otto Show," Otto's guitar shredding is on full display, along with his improvisational living situation—crashing on the Simpsons ' couch after losing his job. This episode is a pure exhibition of the ISFP's adaptability and their easygoing, live-and-let-live attitude.

7. INFP (The Healer) – Milhouse Van Houten

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Milhouse Van Houten, with his unwavering loyalty and often misplaced idealism, is an INFP through and through. INFPs are characterized by their fidelity to their values and to the people important to them. In "A Milhouse Divided," Milhouse struggles with the fallout from his parents' divorce, displaying the INFP's deep emotional well and capacity for intense feeling. His resilient hope that his parents will reconcile, even staging a mock wedding, underscores the INFP's idealistic and sometimes naive perspective on personal relationships.

8. INTP (The Architect) – Professor Frink

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Professor John Frink, the quintessential INTP, exemplifies the archetype of the oblivious genius whose thirst for knowledge eclipses all else. INTPs are known for their desire to understand the universe, a trait that Frink exhibits in almost every appearance. In "The PTA Disbands," Frink takes a methodical approach to resolve a teachers' strike with a chaotic educational substitute that backfires spectacularly. Yet, it's his unwavering quest to learn new things and discover something new, even in the face of obvious failure, that solidifies him as a true INTP.

9. ESTP (The Dynamo) – Bart Simpson

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Bart Simpson, the mischievous scamp of Springfield, is the epitome of an ESTP. Living in the moment, ESTPs are action-oriented and ready to dive into the fray, much like Bart does in almost every episode. In "Bart Gets an F," we witness Bart's spontaneous nature and his struggle to hit the books. However, it's his ability to charm and negotiate his way out of a tight spot that really screams ESTP, especially when he manages to get a passing grade through a heartfelt plea about the American Civil War, showing his knack for practical problem-solving.

10. ESFP (The Performer) – Homer Simpson

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Homer Simpson is Springfield's very own ESFP, the life of every party, if not the instigator of every fiasco. ESFPs love the spotlight and know how to turn work into play, traits Homer embodies to a T. One needs to look no further than the episode "Deep Space Homer," where he turns a potentially prestigious NASA mission into a series of slapstick moments that only an ESFP could orchestrate. From smuggling a bag of potato chips into space to inadvertently becoming an American hero, Homer's actions are a rollercoaster only an ESFP could engineer.

11. ENFP (The Champion) – Krusty the Clown

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Krusty the Clown, with his flamboyant personality and creative entertainments, is the quintessential ENFP. ENFPs are known for their enthusiasm, creativity, and strong sense of values, all of which Krusty has displayed throughout the series. In "Krusty Gets Kancelled," we see Krusty's adaptability and resourcefulness shine through as he fights to reclaim his spot on the TV after being bumped by a rival show. His ability to gather a star-studded lineup for a comeback special is pure ENFP charisma, rallying everyone to his cause with contagious energy.

12. ENTP (The Visionary) – Lyle Lanley

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Lyle Lanley, the charismatic salesman from the monorail episode "Marge vs. the Monorail," is a classic ENTP. ENTPs are innovative and resourceful, often skilled at reading others and using this to their advantage. Lanley does exactly this, using his charm and quick thinking to sell the town on a faulty monorail system. While his ethics are questionable, his ability to weave through problems and sell his visions is undeniably an ENTP trait.

13. ESTJ (The Supervisor) – Principal Skinner

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Principal Seymour Skinner, the embodiment of order and rules in Springfield Elementary, is a classic ESTJ. ESTJs are recognized for their managerial skills and their love for established order, and Skinner's dedication to the school's routine is unwavering. Recall the episode "Whacking Day," where his commitment to tradition is hilariously showcased. Despite the absurdity of the event, Skinner approaches the whacking day with the kind of organizational gusto only an ESTJ could muster.

14. ESFJ (The Provider) – Dr. Hibbert

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Dr. Julius Hibbert, with his ever-present chuckle and community-focused demeanor, fits snugly into the ESFJ category. ESFJs are sociable and attentive to others' needs, much like Dr. Hibbert, who is always ready to lend a helping hand. His role goes beyond a medical professional; he's a pillar of the community. This is clear in "Round Springfield," where his compassion shines through as he tends to Lisa's medical and emotional needs following her encounter with a problematic piece of metal in her cereal. His blend of professionalism and personal touch in dealing with his patients makes him a quintessential ESFJ.

15. ENFJ (The Teacher) – Reverend Lovejoy

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Reverend Timothy Lovejoy, the spiritual guide of many Springfieldians, exemplifies the ENFJ personality type. ENFJs are known to be empathetic and responsible, always looking out for the greater good. In the episode "In Marge We Trust," Reverend Lovejoy rediscovers his passion for spiritual guidance through Marge's unexpected role as the "Listen Lady," reminding him of his duty to his flock.

16. ENTJ (The Commander) – Sideshow Bob

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Finally, there's Sideshow Bob, the arch-nemesis of Bart Simpson, whose sophisticated demeanor and leadership qualities are hallmarks of the ENTJ type. ENTJs are natural leaders, characterized by their charisma and determination to achieve their vision. "Cape Feare" serves as a perfect example of Bob's complex ENTJ personality; his elaborate and disciplined plan to exact revenge on Bart is executed with the precision and strategic thinking characteristic of a commander. His grandiose speeches and articulate mannerisms, though often serving a nefarious purpose, are telltale signs of an ENTJ's commanding presence.