Who is a Stronger Avengers Enemy, Thanos or Kang?

Who is a Stronger Avengers Enemy, Thanos or Kang?
Image credit: Legion-Media

So far, Thanos has been the MCU's most dangerous villain. But the new era is coming.

Now that the Mad Titan has been defeated by OG Avengers, their successors are going to face another major MCU villain – Kang the Conqueror.

There are two Avengers movies coming up, and one of them is titled 'The Kang Dynasty', in a clear hint that the new Avengers – whoever they are – will have to face the MCU's sinister time-traveling master.

It's quite difficult to compare the two villains to each other, as Thanos is definitely a winner when it comes to strength, but Kang can effectively devalue that with the time travel power that he enjoys.

Thanos was the one to single-handedly collect all Infinity Stones and use them to eliminate half of the universe, but technically, he was only able to do that because Kang would allow him to.

Besides, it is quite hard to get rid of Kang – while one is able to kill him (we saw that in 'Loki '), his variants would always re-emerge in the way that always seems to be carefully planned.

Notably, the Avengers were capable of defeating Thanos thanks to time travel. With Kang, the new team will have to come up with something new to secure a victory. However, the storyline remains a mystery, and we are going to wait for well over three years to find that out.

'Avengers: The Kang Dynasty' is slated for May 2, 2025 premiere, with 'Avengers: Secret Wars ' to follow later on November 7.