Who is the Biggest Dragon in 'House of the Dragon'?

Who is the Biggest Dragon in 'House of the Dragon'?
Image credit: HBO Max

We'll make you a dragon expert in no time.

The House of Targaryen boasts a long history of dealing with all dragons big and small – but who exactly is big and small here? Let us guide you through the variety of fire-breathers and their sizes in the Game of Thrones universe so that you dive into 'House of the Dragons' prepared.

Out of more than two dozen dragons that belonged to the Targaryens, there is an undisputed leader in size – naturally, it's Balerion, a dark-red dragon who goes by the name Black Dread. Ridden by King Aegon I Targaryen during the Conquest, he fully lived up to its name in the books.

Right after him goes Vhagar – a large dragon ridden by Queen Visenya, and Meraxes, a dark-silver fire-breather of Queen Rhaenys.

The big three are followed by The Cannibal, Vermithor, and Sheepstealer. Among the middle-sized dragons are Silverwing, Dreamfyre, Caraxes, Meleys, Syrax and Quicksilver.

But even the smallest dragons – from Tessarion to even Daenerys' Drogon – are not to be confused with little lovely pets. They are around half the size of a great blue whale when compared to real-life animals; to scale, Balerion is twice as big.

According to the 'House of the Dragon ' showrunner, Miguel Sapochnik, at least nine dragons will appear in the first season of the ambitious 'Game of Thrones' prequel.

'House of the Dragons' started streaming on HBO Max on Sunday, with new episodes to arrive weekly. In total, there will be ten episodes, with the season finale scheduled for an October 23 release.