Who Tops the List of Marvel's 10 Strongest Mutants?

Who Tops the List of Marvel's 10 Strongest Mutants?
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's just too bad that the MCU movies don't really recognize mutants as characters right now, because millions of people around the world who have never read a Marvel comic and have become fans solely because of the MCU have literally no idea about these interesting characters and their superpowers.

And there are some powerful people under that mutant moniker - we decided to rank 10 of the strongest of them and try to find out who can call themselves the biggest threat to Marvel supervillains.

Thanks to the "X-Men" movies, we all know and love Professor Xavier and his mutants, but people just starting out with the MCU have no way of knowing heroes like Storm or Gambit, and may not even see them for years to come, as Disney has no concrete plans to add mutants to the main roster of MCU heroes.

And that's a shame, because mutants generally have more interesting superpowers than regular superheroes, as Stan Lee and his crew really went crazy when they created them.

However, with Wolverine joining the MCU in "Deadpool 3, " maybe Kevin Feige will rethink his mutant strategy and decide to add them soon, starting a new saga that the MCU so desperately needs right now.