Who Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan Portray in 'The Boys'? Here Are Some Reddit Theories

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We love the way everything is turning out to be a big 'Supernatural' reunion.

This is not a drill, everybody: Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in 'The Boys' and will appear in a gruesome superhero show's season 4. It would seem that at this point, showrunner Eric Kripke is re-assembling the 'Supernatural' family back together, with Jensen Ackles already making waves as Soldier Boy in season 3.

Morgan, who portrayed Jensen Ackles' screen father John Winchester in 'Supernatural', is unlikely to be a father figure again, given that Ackles' character in 'The Boys' has already become on, being Homelander's biological parent. The newcomer's character is currently a mystery, with the showrunners refusing to even clarify whether he is a good guy or a bad one (if this show has such a classification).

Fans, however, have already launched a massive brainstorming campaign. Some people flirt with the idea of Dean Morgan playing Omni Man – a twisted take on Superman. However, this role in 'The Boys' is already technically occupied by Homelander.

Another popular guess is that Dean Morgan is going to portray Tek Knight – 'The Boys' version of a combination between Iron Man and Batman. A founding member of the Payback team, Tek Knight is notorious for struggling with… sexual psychosis caused by a large tumor in his brain. Now isn't that just lovely?

Some people on Reddit are already letting their imagination running free.

"He will have intimate sexual relationships with every living and unliving object. As Tek Knight." – /onetrueSage

One fan even suggested that the show might turn Tek Knight into a parody on a certain real-life tech billionaire.

"Yes, he's going to be Tek Knight and since this is an Amazon show, you can bet your bottom dollar that his character is gonna be a massive spoof of Elon Musk. I'm picturing he has a super suit that his company made for him but he takes credit for building it himself." – /thewoodlayer

Eric Kripke's announcement tweet might be a hint that the fan theory about Tek Knight is right.

Now that yet another member of the 'Supernatural' family has joined 'The Boys', fans are also rallying for Jared Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester, to keep up. However, the actor has been clear that he wants to step away from acting and focus on exec producing.

'The Boys' season 4 premiere is yet to be scheduled, with details about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character – whoever he is – to arrive later.

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