Why Did Jason Momoa Shave Off His Hair?

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Wait a second, did he actually?!

Yes, we are not trying to deceive you: actor Jason Momoa, whose hair was an important part of his signature look, decided to shave it off. He carefully reported the entire process on his Instagram, showing a couple of cut-off braids in his hands and sharing the emotions live.

But why would the actor sacrifice his long beautiful hair? There is a simple explanation. Momoa, who is an ocean ecology activist, decided to shave off his hair in order to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

"Let's spread the aloha," the actor said in the video caption. "Be better at protecting our land and oceans. We need to cut single use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils all of it."

Momoa said that it pains him to witness the polluted oceans in his homeland of Hawaii, and he called on his followers to do their best to get rid of single-use plastic for the sake of a cleaner planet.

The actor has his own bottled water company, Mananalu Water Official, which he promoted in his post as well. According to the official account of the company, their aluminum bottles are "infinitely recyclable" and "can be back on the shelves in 60 days".

Fans are not sure how to feel about Momoa's audacious gesture. Many have praised the actor for being so committed to the cause, but others argued that he could have "a fundraiser for the ocean selling those braids". Naturally, some people were simply frustrated to see the actor without his iconic wall of hair.

However, even though Momoa did not share a picture of the final result, his hairstyle is unlikely to change a lot – in the video, he is seen shaving off only the sides, not the entire hair. So if you are a fan of long-haired Jason Momoa, it might be too early to panic.

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