Why Do People Suddenly Praise 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'?

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You were disappointed with Phase Four projects, and where did that bring you? Back to Phase Two.

It seems that 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' has resurged back to fan love as it slid back into Twitter trends over the weekend. A sudden nostalgia wave has hit Marvel fans as 'Thor: Love and Thunder' faces a decrease in box office, as well as plenty of critical reviews.

According to fans, 'Age of Ultron' is in fact a very underrated Marvel movie, being de facto the only film where Avengers are an actual team. Besides, many people praised the movie for its villain, naming Ultron one of the best bad guys in Marvel.

"Age of Ultron: not perfect but some amazing imagery and tried something different. A villain who really does think they are doing the right thing and pushed the marvel movies to darker territory…." – @shearersbuddy.

What particularly clicks with a lot of people is how the movie actually did a nice job adapting Ultron.

"I think if Ultron was allowed to be the terrifying monster that he was in the comics and not a snarky comedian it would have been better received." – @WDman89.

But it's not only about Ultron.

"The most underrated MCU film, period. The Avengers are beaten and stripped down to their most humane selves. Even the Norse god. The farmhouse, Clint's being the rock. Nat and Bruce's monster convo, WOW! Every moment with Vision was a gift. Final battle, Wanda and Clint's moment." – @Meanwhile_pod.

It seems that the quality of Phase Four movies definitely has something to do with fans turning back to the old Marvel movies. And 'Age of Ultron' apparently is not the only movie that has many people seeing it in a new light.

"A lot of early Marvel is getting a reappraisal of late. That often comes with time as we look back on a film without all the hype and pressure to be perfect a film has in its first release. And some of it is the very mixed quality of the phase 4 films." – @S_LeGresley.

For its part, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' has been criticized for the movie's bizarre tone and "cringe" humor, with many people changing their mind about 'Thor 1' and 'Thor: The Dark World'.

Now that the classic Avengers have mostly died or retired, it seems that fans will seek the good old spirit in Phase Two and Phase Three movies, despite a big choice of content offered by Phase Four.

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