Why Do People Think Ezra Miller is... Innocent?

Why Do People Think Ezra Miller is... Innocent?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Now that's a hot take.

With the Ezra Miller controversy going on for well over several weeks and placing Warner Bros. in hot water over the upcoming 'Flash' blockbuster, an unexpected point of view has emerged.

Miller is accused of kidnapping and grooming of a minor, as well as harassment, but it seems that there is a big group of social media users who believe they are innocent. The public opinion has largely been unfavorable of the actor, demanding that Warner Bros. ditch them from 'Flash' where they portray the main character.

Just why people are confident that Ezra has not done the things he is being accused of? There are several reasons. One of them is that a lot of articles that blast him, some people claim, are "based on hearsay".

"I'm not saying Ezra Miller is innocent but every time an article against him comes out it's always based on hearsay. Also the people he is apparently "grooming" always come out to say the article is wrong. Like if there's so much evidence take him to court and press charges?" – @RequiemNocturn

A lot of people claim that accusations against Miller are nothing short of "targeted attacks" that might have been launched in order to smear their reputation.

Naturally, the cancellation of 'Batgirl' starring Leslie Grace has also come into the spotlight – once again.

"Ezra Miller is innocent because he is framed for crimes he didn't commit. Leslie Grace didn't deserve this and she deserves a second shot as Batgirl," one person argued on Twitter.

Despite the hashtag #EzraMillerIsInnocent making waves on Twitter, a lot of people are still extremely concerned about the controversy around the actor. Practically every single week is marked with yet another report about Miller being accused of new unsettling things, from grooming a minor to assaulting somebody.

Warner Bros. has not commented on the situation, but multiple reports suggest that the studio is currently trying to brush the controversy under the rug while brainstorming on the possible ways out of it. One of such ways could potentially be the movie's cancellation, even though some of Ezra apologists argue that the efforts by the 'Flash' team need to be respected and everything must be done to save the movie.

The most recent accusation Miller has faced was of burglary in Vermont. They were charged with the felony after allegedly breaking into a home and stealing bottles of alcohol.