Why Does Alexander Skarsgård Think Being Hot Is a Problem?

Why Does Alexander Skarsgård Think Being Hot Is a Problem?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Don't we just love it when actors are being down-to-earth and relatable?

You can hardly find anyone in the world, especially an actor, who would complain about being too hot. Well, not anymore – there is at least one actor who thinks that can actually be a problem.

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård revealed to The Sunday Times that being good-looking has actually prevented him from getting decent roles that provided a chance to portray "characters with depth".

"After my first job, I was on a stupid 'sexy hunky hot list' and then people didn't take me seriously," Skarsgård told the outlet. "If you want characters with depth, but have been labeled 'a dude who takes his shirt off,' you're not going to get those offers."

The revelation caused nothing but genuine, sincere compassion on Twitter.

Isn't it just relatable?

Still, despite this much discontent over being in the "hot list", Skarsgård is set to appear shirtless in yet another movie, 'The Northman', directed by Robert Eggers. Earlier this year Eggers revealed that the Swedish actor transformed his body greater than he did in 'Tarzan.' Well, now that we can tick the "shirtless-sexy-hunky-hot" clause out of the list, the depth of his character remains to be seen.