Why Everybody Hates Chris Was Cancelled Despite Being a Hit

Why Everybody Hates Chris Was Cancelled Despite Being a Hit
Image credit: The CW

Fans were shocked by the unexpected ending of the series.

Everybody Hates Chris is a series of stories from the childhood of stand-up comedian Chris Rock, who lived in poverty – his father worked two jobs, family always didn't have enough money, and buying popular brands' products seemed something out of reach.

Chris went to school where he was bullied for being the only black student.

Such a successful series as Everyone Hates Chris, lived for a relatively short time, only four seasons, compared to modern shows, which often drag on for 7-8 seasons if they attract a large number of viewers to the screens.

In addition, the show did not have a logical finale and ended on a cliffhanger, so the cancellation of the show after the fourth season came as a big surprise to fans. However, it was Chris Rock himself who decided to end the series.

The comedian wanted to end the show on his own terms, as the story of the show's Chris was catching up with that of the real Chris.

Rock apparently did not want his offspring to become a faceless show with a large number of seasons, and viewers remembered it as a rather short, but high-quality series with brilliant humor that kept the bar high from beginning to end.

One of the key ingredients of success was the casting of the project, which was rich in charismatic actors – Terry Crews as Chris' father, Tichina Arnold as his mother, and the incomparable Whoopi Goldberg as the grandmother of Chris' beloved.

It is worth mentioning the incomparable play of Tyler James Williams, whose charming character – Chris himself – with hilarious childlike facial expressions gives adult reasoning about life and reacts very emotionally to all the ridiculous and funny incidents that he and other characters of the series get into.

Thanks to its dynamic plot and brilliant humor with jokes that are far from primitive, Everybody Hates Chris is watched in one breath.

It will appeal to all fans of such famous sitcoms as Friends, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.