Why is #EzraMillerIsInnocent Trending on Twitter?

Why is #EzraMillerIsInnocent Trending on Twitter?
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's not the first time, but the reasons are as mysterious as they were last time.

The Ezra Miller drama has been a thing for several months now. The embattled Flash actor, who uses they/them pronouns, has been in hot water over their legal trouble caused by harassment and kidnapping allegations.

There were times when every week would be marked with the "Ezra Miller harasses someone again" type of news. 'The Flash ' was getting mired in the controversy as the studio preferred to remain silent about it; and outraged fans were demanding justice for Miller's alleged victims online.

However, there was another camp, consisting of people who believed that Miller was innocent, and their legal troubles was nothing but a campaign created by their haters to smear their reputation. Now that Vanity Fair has reported that Miller's legal issues are starting to disappear as they paid off the alleged victims and stuck with the NDA strategy, the online squabble between the two camps is reignited.

While many people are furious about Miller "getting away" with his alleged crimes only because they are a rich celebrity, others are rejoicing, adamant in the belief that their icon did nothing wrong. Their main reason is that Miller has spent several months without an incident and has no pending assault charges against them. In addition, it was reported that Miller was intended on seeking mental health treatment.

Miller has not commented on the Vanity Fair article.

Earlier, the actor issued an official statement apologizing for his bizarre behavior recently and vowed to seek help with their mental health problems. When it comes to 'The Flash', it seems that the movie is still a go, currently scheduled for a June 2023 release.

Warner Bros. has remained mum about the controversy even though many fans have been threatening to boycott the movie.