Why is Homelander Obsessed With Milk?

Why is Homelander Obsessed With Milk?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do we really want to know, though?

Throughout the entirety of 'The Boys ', we knew that Homelander was far from being normal. His cruelty and abusive behavior have only escalated in season 3, but so did his another extremely bizarre "thing": a fixation on milk.

In the first season of 'The Boys', Anthony Starr's character is revealed to be obsessed with Madelyn Stillwell's breastmilk. But if you thought nothing could be as disturbing as sexually drinking her breastmilk from a bottle, a scene from season 3, where Homelander is milking a cow and then drinks this milk from the bucket, might have certainly changed that.

What's with this disturbing obsession of Homelander's? Apparently, this is how the superhero's lack of orthodox upbringing affects his mental health. Unlike pretty much everyone in the Seven, Homelander has never had anything like a family. Raised in a lab by a group of scientists who were more concerned about him becoming a good superhero product than a relatively normal human being, Homelander predictably discovered himself suffering from what can be called mommy issues.

His jealousy of Stillwell's son clearly illustrates it, with the notorious milk-drinking with the use of tongue just being the climax. In season 3, things go even further out of control, with Homelander's longing for a mother taking a more and more disturbing turn.

While Anthony Starr thought that milking a cow was a "disgusting" experience, his character was obviously enjoying it, as we all had the pleasure to witness. Naturally, the milk obsession is just a small part of Homelander's increasingly concerning mental health state.

As put by Starlight, "something's wrong with Homelander" and he "lost his f**king mind". We can certainly see that – and we clearly have to prepare ourselves for even more unsavory and bizarre moments when 'The Boys' finale premieres on Friday.