Why X-Men Is the Only Team That Can Save Marvel Now?

Why X-Men Is the Only Team That Can Save Marvel Now?
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Amid the MCU’s identity loss and superhero crisis, only the mutants can save it from damnation. All other options appear either ridiculous or inefficient, and here’s why.


  • After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel’s lead superhero team lost its “faces”: Iron Man and Captain America.
  • In their absence, no other heroes, new or old, managed to successfully replace the two leaders.
  • X-Men should take up the space freed by Avengers and take charge of the MCU ’s future direction.

Even the avid fans of the MCU can’t deny the truth anymore: ever since Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been feeling so good.

And it has largely to do with that same Mr. Stark who watched his protege disintegrate before him — but more on that later. The issue at hand is, Marvel needs something to pull it out of the current crisis.

What Caused the MCU Crisis?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe really began in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie. Then came Avengers, and it took the shape we all learned to love and appreciate, and for years, the MCU was largely driven by its main crossover franchise. Fans always knew what they’d get every time they came to theaters: their favorite heroes.

While the MCU — and Avengers, specifically — has always had its fair share of superheroes, only two of them could really be called the faces of the Universe. Robert Downey Jr. ’s Iron Man and Chris Evans ’s Captain America, the two sides of the Civil War, largely kept the group (and the franchise) together, being its leaders.

But with Avengers: Endgame, their era ended, and today, the MCU doesn’t have a “face.” Neither the new characters nor the old ones managed to replace Iron Man and Captain America, and the direction of the franchise appears…mysterious. With both the folks in charge now gone, there’s no presence strong enough in the MCU.

Why Only X-Men Can Fix the MCU?

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Seeing that Marvel got rid of its core team’s core members, it’s in desperate need of a replacement. While Avengers themselves might just get their heroes back (at least, that’s what rumors about Secret Wars imply with Downey Jr.’s reported return), a new team of heroes has to take their place temporarily — or for good.

But putting together a brand-new team would be huge work for a chance of winning; a gamble, really. Thankfully, the MCU bought Century Fox and now has X-Men!

An already well-established team with no less fame than Avengers, X-Men are interesting enough to become the new driver of the MCU and beloved enough to not be a gamble on Marvel’s part. It seems like Deadpool 3 might be setting up the new, X-Men-led era of the MCU with all those cameos — and if so, it’s a brilliant move.