Wild MCU Fan Theory Credits Iron Man as Sakaar Creator

Wild MCU Fan Theory Credits Iron Man as Sakaar Creator
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Iron Man is responsible for numerous events in the MCU, but could he have created the trash planet of Sakaar? A fan theory suggests so.

In the MCU, everything is interconnected. As a result, we have dozens of fan theories connecting different MCU characters, events, and locations floating around the internet. One of these theories links Iron Man to the planet Sakaar.

The first Iron Man movie started the MCU as we know it today. The character of Tony Stark aka Iron Man has become the main Avenger and a driving force behind many events in the universe for many years.

He created Vision and a high-tech Spider-Man, became the reason some villains emerged in the MCU, and developed technologies that played pivotal roles in many MCU storylines. At the end of the day, he sacrificed his life to save the universe.

Now, a viral Reddit fan theory suggests that in Avengers (2012), Tony Stark created Sakaar by nuking the wormhole Loki created to let the Chitauri fleet in. More than that, Tony eventually learned about his unintentional creation, studied the wormhole, and sent Hulk there at the end of Age of Ultron. That's how Hulk actually ended up on Sakaar.

Sakaar appeared in Thor: Ragnarok. It is a trash planet surrounded by wormholes that serve as space trash chutes. Sakaar has a native race of humanoid insects, but other races also live there. Many beings arrive on the planet via wormholes and become trapped.

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Both Thor and Loki crashed on Sakaar after the fight with their sister Hela and met the planet's ruler, The Grandmaster. The Grandmaster was a dictator that had a thing for blood sports. In one of the battles he held among his slaves, Thor reunited with Bruce Banner, stuck in his Hulk form. In the end, friends ignited the revolution on the planet.

It is usually The Grandmaster who is credited as the Sakaar creator. The character said he landed there first, probably "millions of years ago."

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But the creator of the Reddit theory is sure that Stark nuking the wormhole in Avengers created not only a trash planet but also a spacetime distortion on it causing time to flow much faster on Sakaar. So for The Grandmaster, several years on Earth may seem like thousands of years on Sakaar.