Will Black Noir Fight Soldier Boy in 'The Boys' Season Finale?

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Someone's in need of closure.

Episode 7 of 'The Boys' has unveiled a lot of mysteries about Team Payback and the role of Black Noir in it, but perhaps the most disturbing thing was how Soldier Boy treated his fellow supes.

Now that we know that Black Noir was a part of a conspiracy to have Soldier Boy kidnapped by the Russians because Jensen Ackles' character was a violent and abusive team leader, there is a good chance Black Noir might want to take his revenge on Soldier Boy for the way he treated him in the past.

Cartoon-ish friends of Black Noir have told us that Soldier Boy burnt half of his face and beat him up so that a part of his brain fell from his head, so this is already a good reason for Black Noir to consider a face-off with a miraculously alive Payback leader. However, he remains fearful of Soldier Boy, with his cartoon pals having to cheer him up and persuade him that the risk is worth taking.

The stakes of the finale are already high enough, with Soldier Boy having plenty of humans and supes gathering around with their intentions being less than friendly. However, Ackles' character seems to be more than ready to side with his son Homelander, and that is not the easiest team-up to beat. Besides, all those teaming up against Soldier Boy are not necessarily allies to each other.

While fans are excited for a possible rematch between Black Noir and Soldier Boy, the latter remains a dangerous rival that could potentially have Black Noir killed. Still, a lot of fans are rooting for him to at least be brave enough to challenge Soldier Boy once again – even though many people are seemingly torn between two of their favorite characters.

"I want black noir to get his revenge on soldier boy but at the same time I don't want soldier boy's story to end just yet," as @bowleggedean put it, perfectly summarizing 'The Boys' fans' inner conflict.

The eighth and final episode of 'The Boys' arrives on Prime Video this Friday.

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