Will Caleb Die in 'Westworld' Season 4? Reddit Theories Point to Yes

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Aaron Paul's finds himself in an unusual situation in the second episode, having been invited right into villains' den.

In the episode just released, Caleb and Maeve are unexpectedly invited to the opening of a brand-new theme park, the Golden Age, which faithfully recreates the Prohibition era, with mobsters armed with tommy guns and dangerous femme fatales lurking in dimly lit saloons. Despite compelling evidence that this park is run by hosts and not humans, Caleb still visits, trying to uncover the plans of his adversaries from within. And some fans fear that the powerful revolutionary will not stand up to the challenges ahead.

In a thread on Reddit, fans are beginning to discuss Caleb's future, trying to figure out how he will survive the upcoming events. And despite the fact that he is one of the main characters in the series, many people are still convinced that he may be killed after all, and that his friend Maeve, who is herself a host, may play some role in this.

"I think human Caleb isn't going to survive this season. They've been telegraphing it pretty hard. It's obviously a trap which could lead to them reprogramming Maeve if they get the upper hand. But with this show there's always a twist." – /Classic_Wingers.

In addition to this rather depressing theory, fans are putting forth an even more terrifying one, citing one foreshadowing from season three as definitive proof of Caleb's untimely demise this season.

"I think he's going to commit suicide, like Rohoboam predicted in S3. I just don't know how the story will get him to that point yet. But in S4E1, his coworker asks, "Has anything really changed for you?" or something to that effect because he's still in construction." – /austrolibertarian.

However, some avid fans are not so sure this prediction being correct, citing that the timeline for season four is not right for Caleb's death.

"Didn't Rehoboam predict/decide he was going to die 10 years from season 3? We're 7 years on now. He's still got 3 to go if they want to fire that Chekov. We'll see. My bet's on this season featuring storylines in different time periods again anyway." – /ShatteredMasque.

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