Will Crowley Return in The Winchesters? Jensen Ackles Hints at Yes

Will Crowley Return in The Winchesters? Jensen Ackles Hints at Yes
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Imagine how cool it will be to hear that iconic "Hello, boys" once again.

Forget Castiel — what about the good old crossroads demon-turned-King of Hell being back on The Winchesters? It seems that fans are seriously entertaining the idea — especially after Jensen Ackles, the executive producer of the Supernatural prequel, appeared to have hinted at the possibility.

When asked about the potential return of Mark Sheppard 's Crowley at the NYCC convention, Ackles initially joked that he'd been "taking requests all night", but then went on to deliver a serious answer.

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He pledged that fans will see more "familiar faces" if they get to "tell more of this story" — a remark that many people believed to be an indicator of a possibility of several comebacks in case The Winchesters will get a warm welcome and good ratings.

However, some fans — even those who couldn't possibly love Crowley more — argue that his return is not the best idea for The Winchesters.

"As much as I hated losing Crowley, Mark was right to point out the poor story he had. There was always more story for Crowley, the writers just failed to deliver! Robbie will not waste him," Twitter user bjxmas admitted.

Some people said that they would enjoy a Castiel and Crowley separate spinoff more than the potential cameos by the duo in the Supernatural prequel. The idea of giving the angel and the demon a spinoff has long been flirted with in the Supernatural fandom, but no official information on that has emerged yet.

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Besides, Mark Sheppard has had a tough exit from Supernatural, with a behind-the-scenes drama overshadowing his departure. According to what the actor himself said, as well as some reports on the matter, Sheppard and the showrunners failed to agree on the vision of Crowley in the original show, which prompted Mark's somewhat tumultuous exit.

The actor has not commented on the possibility of Crowley's return in The Winchesters.

The prequel airs on The CW on Tuesdays.