Will 'First Kill' Be Renewed For More Seasons? Here's Why It's Almost Certain

Image credit: Netflix

You never forget your first… but 'First Kill' fans already crave their second and third.

With 'First Kill' triumphantly storming Netflix's Top 10 English-language shows chart, fans, ecstatic over the series' surprise success, rally for it to be renewed.

And it seems like they are not going to be satisfied with just season 2. With the show's figures of over 48 million hours viewed, fans were very quick to compare 'First Kill' to another teenage LGBTQ+ drama, 'Heartstopper'. The vampire teenage drama managed to land twice as many streams as 'Heartstopper', with the latter already being renewed for seasons 2 and 3.

"Seriously though, after seeing those stats just now I‘m really not worried about a renewal anymore and it makes me really, really happy," – @CALLlETTES.

Even though the studio is yet to announce 'First Kill' renewal, fans already map out an even more ambitious future for the show.

"We wanted s2 now we want 4 seasons, movie and tour where sarah catherine will sing," – @luorreno.

Other fans recalled that it took months for 'Heartstopper' to be renewed, so those worrying about 'First Kill' not being greenlit for more seasons yet might be raising concerns too early. But it would certainly help if fans maintained the hype.

"heartstopper was renewed for two more seasons a month after its release because the hype never died down so I'm gonna need you all to keep the same energy for first kill," – @velvetyhailee.

'First Kill' premiered on June 10, consisting of 8 episodes. Following the 'Heartstopper' logic, fans may expect some good news regarding the renewal in early July.

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