Will Homelander Be After Noir in 'The Boys' Finale?

Will Homelander Be After Noir in 'The Boys' Finale?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Homelander seemed to sort of like Black Noir, but the man changes his mind faster than a politician his promises.

With 'The Boys ' finale being just a couple of days ahead, fans try to guess what's coming for their favorite characters. Among those who seem to fuel everyone's curiosity is Black Noir, whose role in the story of Soldier Boy turns out to be way more significant than we previously thought.

Now that we know that Soldier Boy's story is essentially tied to that of Homelander, Black Noir might be in danger. Fans fear that Homelander might view Black Noir as someone who basically stripped him of having a father because he and the rest of the Payback team orchestrated the kidnapping of Soldier Boy by the Russians.

"When Homelander does find out the truth, his rage towards noir and Edgar will be cataclysmic," one fan wrote on Reddit.

However, others seem to cast doubt on that theory. The entire show has so far pointed at Homelander actually liking Black Noir – the leader of the Seven at least does not abuse him in the way Soldier Boy used to.

"I don't see how Noir was responsible for taking away Homelander's childhood away though. Because he handed Soldier Boy over to the Russians? I don't think Homelander is sentimental enough to actually care about that," another user argued.

Besides, it remains to be seen whether Black Noir is even aware of the connection Homelander and Soldier Boy share. We remember that Stan Edgar told Black Noir when the two updated each other on the plot that Soldier Boy's son is "stronger and can fly", but he never directly tied him to Jensen Ackles ' character.

With the stakes being this high, Homelander might freak out at any point, and those who oppose him or his allies might want to think twice. The only thing we have to know now is whose side is Black Noir on?

'The Boys' finale is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video this Friday.