Will Homelander Lose His Powers in 'The Boys' Season Finale?

Will Homelander Lose His Powers in 'The Boys' Season Finale?
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'The Boys ' finale is just several days ahead, and people could not be more excited and terrified over what's coming. All eyes are on Homelander: will he go nuts? Will he and Soldier Boy team up after their family mystery is unveiled? Or… will Homelander end up powerless after Soldier Boy decides to go against him and de-supe him?

After Soldier Boy revealed to Homelander that the latter is his biological son, many people immediately thought that the two will team up and make it really hard for the Boys to stand against them. However, there might still be a way for them to make use of Soldier Boy's ability to depower supes even if Jensen Ackles ' character picks Homelander's side.

Since Soldier Boy is famously suffering from his PTSD, the Boys might just find a way to trigger it so that he unleashes his energy blast at Homelander and therefore strips him of all his powers – just like it happened with Kimiko in episode 4.

Should this be how things work out, then Homelander might enter season 5 powerless, hated, and insane. Many fans are already picturing a scenario in which Homelander finds a way to get his powers back (after all, these Compound V veils are just there up for grabs) and goes completely bonkers.

However, he would have to get to those vials first – and many people doubt other characters would let that happen. After all, there's a pretty long line of those who is not all that happy with Anthony Starr's character just for the special occasion of Homelander rendered powerless – starting with Ashley, who, as fans correctly note, will be more than happy to "put a pen through his neck."

Unless a certain someone will get in the game and help him.

'The Boys' fans think that even in the case of Homelander losing his powers there's one person who can actually help: Stan Edgar. Will he be willing to do so, though, is another question entirely, seeing how Edgar has been treating Homelander in season 3 so far. It should also be noted that in the comics Homelander meets his untimely demise still as powered-up as Superman; it's Black Noir who successfully – and very, very brutally – kills him, only to die himself a moment later by the very capable hands of Billy Butcher.

The season 3 finale arrives on Prime Video this Friday, with 'The Boys' already being renewed for season 4.