Will Jane Foster Survive in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'?

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After all, isn't Thor "the one and only"?

With the world premiere of 'Thor: Love and Thunder' taking place in Los Angeles on Friday, fans are growing concerned about the fate of Jane Foster, a.k.a. Mighty Thor, in the upcoming movie.

While people still carefully avoid sharing spoilers, those familiar with the comics already known that Jane Foster is suffering from breast cancer – which is why she turns into Mighty Thor. The God of Thunder powers were essentially what saved her from imminent death, or at least postponed it.

It is still unknown whether Taika Waititi's sequel implements this part of Jane Foster's story now that the director embraced the Mighty Thor concept. However, fans are already discussing the chances.

Many people believe that it is highly likely that Natalie Portman's character is in danger. In fact, it is borderline predictable.

"Are ppl gonna really be that surprised if she doesn't make it especially since she's sick? That’s the whole storyline." – /jonsnowKITN.

However, her death, albeit a sad and dramatic possibility might do well for the story, they argue – especially if Waititi manages to do it right.

"You know what though. If they set it up like it’s inevitable for her to die and have Thor live through that before coming out of it in peace it might be really nice. He’s had a done of loss and most of it wasn’t peaceful except with Odin which was abrupt. I can see how it would piss people off but I can also see how they could have done it right." – /ThePopeofHell.

The officially released material naturally gives no hints at whether Jane has cancer or not. Even if she ends up being ill in the movie, it does not necessarily mean she will die, as there are chances that Thor or anyone else coming up with a cure.

The US premiere of 'Love and Thunder' is scheduled for July 8.

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