Will J.K. Rowling Be Involved In Upcoming Harry Potter TV Reboot?

Will J.K. Rowling Be Involved In Upcoming Harry Potter TV Reboot?
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The Harry Potter franchise is actively entering its best era to date.

Even with the relative failure of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, there's still a wildly successful video game Hogwarts Legacy, and now we're looking at a full franchise reboot in the form of a TV series!

The rumors of Warner Bros. wanting to create a TV show based on the Harry Potter books have been around for quite a few years.

Now we finally got to learn more: according to Bloomberg, the company is nearing a deal for the series.

Warner Bros. reportedly wants HBO to be in charge of the show. Every season will be dedicated to one of the books, which supposedly means there will be seven seasons in total.

And yes, you got it right: the show will follow the original books' events.

This news divided fans for many reasons. Some are frustrated with the very idea of a reboot, others are cheering; some expect the show to be a complete mess, and others hope for the best and claim it may end up being the best adaptation ever.

But there's one more question everyone has in mind: will J.K. Rowling herself be involved with the project?

After several years of controversies, some Harry Potter-related projects tried to distance themselves from JKR — for instance, Hogwarts Legacy did that.

However, it doesn't seem possible for the potential HBO show since it will be focused on the main books' events and not just set in the Wizarding World.

It's unlikely that Warner Bros. and HBO will attempt to create the show without JKR, and even more unlikely that she'll accept the deal if they try to push this decision on her.

Admittedly, the deal will only go through if J.K. Rowling gets to somewhat actively participate in the creation of the TV series.

For those who are wondering how it may affect the show considering all the Rowling-related controversy, there's no definite answer; however, judging by how well Hogwarts Legacy did even with all the boycott attempts, we can presume that the TV series won't be seriously disrupted either.

Now, we're waiting for more updates on the deal from Warner Bros., HBO, or JKR. As soon as the final decision on the show's status is made, we'll let you know.