Will Luke Cage Appear In The MCU? Here's What Mike Colter Thinks

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With Charlie Cox's 'Daredevil' suddenly becoming MCU canon, Netflixverse fans are wondering if other shows will follow suit.

While the more critically acclaimed series 'The Punisher' and 'Jessica Jones' are certainly more desirable to be revealed as MCU canon, some people still want to see more of Mike Colter's Luke Cage. One of the earliest black superheroes, this bulky vigilante determined to take revenge on those who imprisoned him has managed to gain himself a sizeable audience eager to delve deeper into the street-level stories of the Netflix's eponymous series. The show ended after just a few seasons, but the potential of the original comic book narrative is far from being exhausted.

Colter is currently leading the successful supernatural show 'Evil' for Paramount +, and up until recently it seemed like his superhero days were definitely over. But, appearing on 'The Rich Eisen Show', the actor finally broke the silence about the possibility of a 'Luke Cage' reboot and his stance on the idea.

"There is [a possibility], I guess, I just don't know how likely it is, and I don't have anything tangible to offer. I mean, you know as much as I know. I'd be open to it, yeah. I mean I had a great time, and I've had a nice break from that much action, in terms of physical action, in terms of filming a superhero show. So I'd be up for it again, but when I left I was pretty tired physically," Colter said.

While there is no official confirmation from Disney or scoops from prominent insiders, the idea of an MCU 'Luke Cage' project remains just a wish. And even if Feige and Co. decide to recast Luke Cage, fans of the character already have the perfect candidate for the part.

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