Will Robert Ford Return In 'Westworld' Season 4?

Will Robert Ford Return In 'Westworld' Season 4?
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Anthony Hopkins' terrifying antagonist has been suspiciously absent throughout season 3, and fans think the time for his return is finally here.

It was Hopkins' involvement in the series that ensured 'Westworld 's popularity after the series' release in 2016, and the Oscar-winning actor certainly did well in his understated yet frightening role. Dr. Robert Ford immediately became a fan favorite, so his death at the end of the first season really shocked viewers. Ford returned in season two, but in a much smaller role, continuing to haunt viewers through his many hosts. And while many believe that this was Hopkins' last encounter with the series, some are still hoping for his return as early as in the upcoming 4th season.

In a thread on Reddit fans are speculating about the possibility of Hopkins returning to the show, exchanging ideas and developing theories. According to some, Ford's absence in season 3 must mean something, and the show's creative team will likely reveal the reason in season 4.

"The big question is: will Ford make a re-appearance in S4? Always had the feeling he's one step ahead everybody and he was conspicuously absent in S3." – /etherd0t.

Others cite HBO's early plan for a five-season run of 'Westworld', saying it could hint at Ford's possible return.

"Considering the show is planned to be 5 seasons I've always imagined Ford will return in the 5th season but they could bring him back at the end of this season instead and I'd be happy." – /TwistingStew69.

However, one known fact makes all of these theories a little unlikely – Anthony Hopkins' busy schedule and apparent disinterest in wasting his time filming an entire season of a television show.

"From a technical point of view, I doubt it. Because Sir Hopkins agreed to play Ford to begin with mainly because the creators obligated that he will die on the first season. He didn't want to commit to a series, so while S2 was a surprise to me, I really think he won't go for another ride. But maybe I'm wrong," – /ido_ks.

'Westworld' Season 4 will arrive on HBO on June 26, 2022.