Will There Be Any Dean And Castiel Scenes in The Winchesters?

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Don't get your hopes up... or maybe do.

With The Winchesters premiere right around the corner, many fans expect the prequel show to be a ticket back to the world of Supernatural in every possible sense, including the chance to revisit some good ol' characters.

There is a belief that, since everything is possible in Supernatural, The Winchesters might bless fans with some Dean and Castiel content. Such hopes are up mainly due to the fact that a brief Castiel moment is thought to be a part of the trailer, with some people spotting what looks very much like the scene of Cas' first ever entrance there.

However, is it actually possible for The Winchesters to provide some Destiel content to fans, who have been craving it since 2020, when Supernatural concluded with a controversial finale after 15 seasons?

Some people prefer to stay pessimistic in order not to get too frustrated if The Winchesters turn out to be exactly what it promotes itself as: a show delving deeper into the love story of John and Mary Winchester long before Dean and Sam were there. However, there is just too many suspicious things going on.

With Dean Winchester actually making an appearance in the trailer, looking alive and well despite being killed off in the Supernatural finale, and the sneaky possible Castiel scene, fans are buzzing with excitement... or getting ready to fall victim to "queerbaiting".

"Supernatural getting out one last queerbait by throwing a Castiel tease into The Winchesters trailer," as Twitter user thasminist put it.

Some people believe that Castiel might be the one who would end up erasing John and Mary's memories about each other for their new story to eventually fit in the already established Supernatural canon.

Others suggest that the physical presence of Dean in the trailer indicates that he might be in heaven, possibly accompanied by Castiel — even though the Supernatural finale made it quite clear that the angel was consumed by darkness.

Finally, it is Misha Collins who portrayed Castiel in Supernatural who fueled fans' expectations back in 2021.

With all the uncertainty around The Winchesters, the possibility of Castiel being introduced into the show and interacting with Dean is there, but the only way of knowing for sure is to wait until the show premieres on The CW on October 11.

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