Will 'Westworld' Be Renewed For Season 5?

Will 'Westworld' Be Renewed For Season 5?
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With the fourth season finally having premiered, fans are already looking forward to HBO extending the sci-fi series for another season.

The 'Westworld ' series, which was marketed by HBO as a replacement for 'Game of Thrones ' in 2016, has undergone significant changes in the next few years, evolving from a curious robot theme park narrative into a full-blown, large-scale story with countless characters, international intrigue and major actors. Although viewership has dropped significantly since the first season, the series has managed to gain a fairly loyal audience willing to support this intelligent take on global corporations and artificial intelligence. Since each season costs HBO a tidy sum, fans are not sure if the network will take on a fifth installment of 'Westworld'.

In a thread on Reddit fans have been evaluating all possible options, trying to see if a fifth season might be in the works. Although the series has been designed as a five-part series from the beginning, viewers are wondering how the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery might affect this initial plan.

"With the discovery merger nothing is safe, the new guy in charge is cutting costs in all sorts of areas and cancelling show etc., WW is really pricey to make and isn't really a huge hit so i really wouldn't be surprised if this dude was dumb enough to cancel it without giving it an ending." – /peanutdakidnappa.

And given the recent cancellation of another big HBO sci-fi show, it looks like the new management might try to cancel the series after all.

"They just did that to Raised by Wolves, the HBO Max show that's probably the closest in DNA to Westworld. So yeah, would not be surprised." – /zannkrol.

Overall, 'Westworld season 5 renewal depends on just one thing: viewership numbers. If season 4 attracts a significant audience, HBO may still extend it.